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Protesters set fire to vehicle of President Jovenel's advisor Jude Charles Faustin in front of Radio Caraibes FM

Vehicle of President Jovenel Adviser set on fire after a heated debate on Jean Monard's RANMASSE Angry protesters threw a molotov cocktail at the vehicle Depute Jude Charles Faustin, advisor to Haitian president Jovenel Moise, setting on fire after the radio program RANMASSE where he was a guest Saturday. more »

Adjey Mezanmi... Moise Jean Charles talking politics on his hospital bed

Moise Jean Charles - Manifestation anti Jovenel Moise This is sad... This is really sad... Ex Haitian senator Moise Jean Charles, lays on a hospital bed, he can barely talk and yet he is live on Radio Caraibes taking politics... Zam nan bouda President Jovenel Moise! more »

Haiti - Tekwe Privert te di Caisse Leta a VID, Kote li jwenn $30 million US lajan Election?

Eddy Jackson Alexis - President Joclerme Privert Yon Jounalis Radio Caraibes mande Eddy Jackson Alexis, membre cabinet President Privert: "Sonje President Privert te di pa gen lajan, kote nou getan kouri jwen 30 million dola pou election fèt? Nou te di caisse la vid..." Tande ki repons misye bay... more »

Haiti - Jean Monard di: Haitien toujou alez pou mete tet ansanm pou DETWI yon bagay

Jean Monard Metellus "Haitien toujou alèz pou mete tèt yo ansam pou DETWI yon bagay, men lè se pou konstwi se dificil..." Pawol Journaliste Jean Monard Metellus Pawol Nan emision 'Intersection' sou antenne Radio Caraibes FM... more »