Martine Moise, First lady of Haiti

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FLASH: Security Agent of Haiti First lady Martine Moise escapes during New York trip

Haiti President Jovenel Moise on a Spirit Airlines Flight Breaking News... We have just learned that one of the security detail agents of Haitian First Lady Martine Moise left his post and disappeared during her trip to New York. more »

Haiti: First lady Martine Moise denies allegations she met with bandits in La Saline (VIDEO)

Haiti First lady Martine Moise Television Interview - Le Point - Tele Metropole First lady of Haiti Martine Moise made it clear that she was not in La Saline, a run-down neighborhood in Port-au-Prince meeting with bandits prior to an attack on many residents of the area. Watch the VIDEO... more »

The Queen of Spain visit Haiti, some photos...

Martine Moise souhaite la bienvenue en Haiti à la Reine d'Espagne Her Majesty the Queen of Spain, Letizia Ortiz visited Haiti Tuesday, May 22 2018, president Jovenel Moise and the first lady at Haiti received her at National Palace more »

The Queen of Spain is coming to Haiti

PHOTO: Letizia Ortiz - Queen of Spain Letizia Ortiz, the Queen of Spain will visit Haiti next week for a two day visit, 23 & 23 May 2018. more »

Martine Moise, already the most criticized First Lady of Haiti, but for what?

PHOTO: Haiti - Premiere Dame Martine Moise ap mare tèt yon ti granmoune Haiti's first lady Martine Moise is possibly the most criticized first lady Haiti ever had. Fortunately for her, she is only being criticized for being "Simple". more »

Haiti Politics - Why Social Media Focus Was on Martine Moise Inauguration Day

PHOTO: Haiti - First Lady Martine Moise, Inauguration Day New Haiti First Lady Martine Moise, wife of newly elected president Jovenel Moise, was the primary focus of the Haitian Social Media networks on Inauguration days, 07 Feb 2017... Was it because of the outfit she wore or is it something else? Can she use it? more »