Manifestation in Haiti

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Haiti - CORE Group warns the opposition: Change must come trough elections, not violent protests

CORE Group statement on the ongoing turbulence in Feb 10 2018 Following violent street protests in Haiti the past few days, the international community via CORE Group issued a statement warning those who oppose President Jovenel Moise that in a democracy change must come trough elections, and not through violence. more »

FLASH: Haiti Protests - US Embassy instructs its employees to shelter in place until further notice

United States Embassy Amid Haiti street protests Sunday, the U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince issued a security alert instructing all its employees to shelter in place until further notice "out of an abundance of caution"... more »

FLASH: Is President Jovenel Moise resigning? Senator Jean Marie Salomon says the BOAT is about to SINK!

Haiti President Jovenel Moise : What's Going on? Haitian Senator Jean Marie Salomon has just declared on the radio the "It is true, the Boat is about to sink (se vre bato a pwal chavire, kapitèn la fè defo!)" Does this mean what I think it means? more »

Manifestation begins at 4PM Sunday in Jacmel... What is that all about?

Some Haitian journalist are question the motive behind a street protest (manifestation) that just started around 4PM Sunday in the city of Jacmel. more »

SCOOP: Haiti National Palace being guarded by MINUJUSTH agents amid Street Protests Sunday

MINUSTAH Soldier In Front of Haiti White House Haitian radio news report that agents of the United Nations Mission for Justice Support in Haiti (MINUJUSTH) are securing the grounds of the National Palace this Sunday, 10 Feburary 2019, following protests in the streets of the capital. more »

FLASH : Haiti - A group of protesters leaving Carrefour heading to Palais National Sunday

Breaking News From Haiti Breaking News... There is a large group of protesters leaving Carrefour, Port-au-Prince Haiti, Sunday, and they are heading towards the National Palace to ask President Jovenel Moise to step down according to a radio station in the capital. more »

FLASH : Street protests in various parts of the capital and other cities in Haiti Sunday

President Jovenel Moise - Bullseye (target) There are street protests in various parts of Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince and other cities in Around the country according to news reports. more »

Francisco Delacruz shocked by Evaliere Beauplan's declaration promoting oil dumping as roadblocks in Haiti

Haiti Senateur Francisco de la Cruz Dr Francisco Delacruz, a former senator of the republic, was in shock when he heard Senator Evaliere Beauplan telling the population do dump truckloads rocks, sand and oil into the streets of Haiti to serve as roadblocks for street protests. more »

Se tout bon, Ville Aux Cayes CHO, anwo ma monte anba pa desann

Breaking News From Haiti Se tout bon, Ville Aux Cayes CHO, Barikad tout kote. anwo ma monte anba pa desann more »

Haiti - Moise Jean Charles calls his followed to lower Haiti flag and raise the Black and Red flag

Moise Jean Charles and his black and red (noir et rouge) flag Former Haitian senator Moise Jean Charles is calling on his followers all over Haiti to lower the blue and red Haitian flag and replace it with the black and red flag which he says it the Dessalines flag. more »