Letizia Ortiz, Queen of Spain in Haiti - Latest News about Haitian Politics

Read about Letizia Ortiz, the Queen of Spain, her visits to Haiti and her relationship with the Republic of Haiti.


The Queen of Spain to build a hospital for Haitians, IN the Dominican Republic???

Like Forrest Gump says: And that's all I have to say about that!!! This the kind of news that make you say WTF!!! But I don't make the news!!! --- Queen of Spain Letizia Ortiz who recently visited Haiti and the Dominican Republic promises to build a hospital to serve Haitians but, she is going to build it in the Dominican Republic. more »

The Queen of Spain visit Haiti, some photos...

Martine Moise souhaite la bienvenue en Haiti à la Reine d'Espagne Her Majesty the Queen of Spain, Letizia Ortiz visited Haiti Tuesday, May 22 2018, president Jovenel Moise and the first lady at Haiti received her at National Palace more »

The Queen of Spain is coming to Haiti

PHOTO: Letizia Ortiz - Queen of Spain Letizia Ortiz, the Queen of Spain will visit Haiti next week for a two day visit, 23 & 23 May 2018. more »