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FLASH: Haiti - Candidate Jude Celestin has just confirmed his participation in the elections

Haiti Caricature - Jude Celestin Confusion Total Breaking News... Haiti candidate for president Jude Celestin has just finished confirming with the electoral council (CEP) his participation for the upcoming presidential elections... more »

FLASH: Haiti Elections - Jude Celestin could JOIN Jovenel Moise and PHTK in the Streets

Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise vs Jude Celestin Haiti Elections Update -- Candidate for president Jovenel Moise and his PHTK political party are not the only ones concerned about the elections... Jude Celestin's political party LAPEH also shares these concerns... They are even talking about JOINT street protests, LAPEH and PHTK in the streets together against Privert... more »

Haiti Elections - Jude Celestin's LAPEH Party wants Another Election Date

Haiti Elections - Jovenel Moise vs Jude Celestin Haiti Elections Update -- Jude Celestin's political party LAPEH is asking for another date for Round 2 of the presidential elections AND, at the same time, proposing that a transition government handle the elections... more »

FLASH: Haiti Manifestation Jude Celestin Fek Rankontre ak Manifestation Pitit Desalin nan Delmas 19

Haiti Manifestation Anti Election pou Jude Celestin, 06 nov 2015 Haiti Nouvel SHO... Group moun patizan Jude Celestin (LAPEH) yo fek rankontre avek Manifestation Platfom Pitit Desalin (Moise Jean Charles) nan Delmas 19 nan apremidi 6 Nov 2015 la... Yo fè yon sel, Y ap rele YO PA VLE BANNAN... more »