Haitian Politicians on Social Media

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Haitian Journalists warn about fellow journalists misinforming the population on purpose

Some respected journalists in a few radio stations in Haiti are warning the population about other radio stations in the capital Port-au-Prince who are literally misinforming the population to spread terror and panic simply because the journalist or the media's owner is in opposition against the current government. more »

10 ways Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have changed American politics

The use of social media in politics including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube has dramatically changed the way campaigns are run and how Americans interact with their elected officials. more »

Social Media plays a big role in Haitian Politics these days, politicians fear the 'reseaux sociaux'

Social Media Effects On Haitian Politics These days in Haiti, there's not a day that goes by that Haitian journalists do not mention what is happening 'sou Rezo Sosyo yo', how hot topics being discussed by Haitians on social media is impacting politics in Haiti. more »

President Jovenel Moise tweets too much, Haitian journalist said

Haiti President Jovenel Moise on Twitter Speaking about President Jovenel Moise and his tweeting habits, Haitian Journalist Presimon Jean Marco of radio SCOOP FM says l'exces en tout genre nuit (any kind of excess is bad). The Haitian president is overdoing it, he said. more »