Social Media plays a big role in Haitian Politics these days, politicians fear the 'réseaux sociaux'

These days in Haiti, there's not a day that goes by that Haitian journalists do not mention what is happening 'sou Rezo Sosyo yo', how hot topics being discussed by Haitians on social media is impacting politics in Haiti.

Social Media Effects On Haitian Politics
Social Media Effects On Haitian Politics

Back in the days, Politics in Haiti was more like the Freemasons secret society, everything about politics of Haiti was on a hush hush. It was almost taboo to talk about it for fear of repression, Haitian parents would tell their children 'fèmen bouch ou pitit!' don't you dare talk about Senator X or Deputé Y, or worse don't you dare talk about the president.

Not anymore! These days are gone!

Nowadays, Haitians everywhere are connected via Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and other social media websites and applications. Before an official letter leaves the desk of a high ranking official in Haiti, that letter is misteriously blasted on social media before it even reaches its intended recipient.

Is that good or bad for Haitian politics, is that good for the stability of the State of Haiti (l'Etat Haitien)?

One thing is for sure, it is throwing Haitian in politics into a state of je ne sais quoi. There are no secrets anymore and no one, not the senator, not the Deptute, not even the president of Haiti is safe from tough criticisms of the Haitian people.

It almost fees like these politicians have lost control of the situation. The term "Classified Information" is non existent in Haitian government.

What does that mean for the future of Haitian politics?

Maybe, now that all these elected and appointed State officials are under this BIG social media microscope, maybe they will stop focusing on "Oh m se chèf, m ka fè sa m vle!" and focus more on providing services to the population of Haiti.

Maybe these Haitian politicians finally accept that being in power means you are a "public servant," a devoted person who performs duties for the public which he/she serves.

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Patrick Princivil says...

Sé pa sa sèlman sa non!

La France légalizé pédrofil nan péyi yo: prèské tout popilasyon an fèmen bouche yo?

Pa menm yon pétisyon mwen pa wè ki siyen kont sa. Paské sa fè afè yo.

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Haitian And Social Media says...

Les médias sociaux jouent un role important dans la politique haitienne, les politiciens craignent les réseaux sociaux

Sak ta di sa?

Ses jours ci, ak nenpòt ti telefòn portable, 10 goud lapoula, yon kont Facebook, Twitter oswa Whatsapp, nenpòt ti ayisyen ka panike yon Senatè, Depite, Minis oswa le President de la Republique.

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Subject: Social Media plays a big role in Haitian Politics these days, politicians fear the 'reseaux sociaux' edit

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