Gregory Brandt: The Rich in Haiti pay more taxes, Politicians make the people believe the rich do not pay

There is a sector in the Haitian population that is trying to make the people believe that the rich don't pay taxes. Haitian businessman Gregory Brandt had something to say about that...

In an interview to radio signal FM Tuesday, Gregory Brandt criticized the Haitian politicians who often run to rich businessmen when they need campaign money then turn around and make them look bad, as if the government is hurting the poor while protecting the rich.

Here is an excerpt of that Gregory Brandt, the president of the Franco-Haitian chamber of commerce and industry said in the interview:

I am going to repeat it, for these politicians who do not pay taxes, and I stand behind what I'm saying:

95% of the money that goes in the pocket of the state (l'Etat Haitien) to pay the school teachers and to have a budget to function is paid for by 250 big businesses in Haiti.

These politicians have to tell the people the truth.

The money people are looking for, to give jobs in the country, for the state to function better, that money is in the border. (pointing the finger at all the people who make money in the border illegally and do not pay any taxes).

Because of these same politicians... Dominicans and smugglers (contrebandiers) in the border, there's about 400 million dollars in border taxes is not being collected by the government.

So where is the money?

The money is in the border, it is in taxing the other people in the private sector who do not pay taxes. the next thing is to pull money from outside the country to come into the country (rale kob etranje vini nan peyi a).

This budget (the 2017-2018 budget that is creating so much controversy in Haiti these days) will not solve the problems of the country.

The budget is one element in all the measures of economic activities in the country that is used to pay the state employees, the Minister of Justice, etcetera, etcetera...

If we had a 2 or 3 billion dollars that was entering the country in the form of investments, then we wouldn't even feel anything. This discussion over the budget would not even exist.

These were the exact transcript of the bit of the interview that aired on Radio Signal FM Tuesday...

What do you think about that?

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S Colin says...

For long time, the politicians in Haiti are trying to exclude the rich people from the equation of solving the country problem; like they doing now with Haitian outside the country.

Haiti needs everyone to make it works.

Every dollar counts.

just make room for all Haitian, we will see great

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Boniface Zebo Corresp Of says...

kile pep là li ap pare?


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Subject: Gregory Brandt: The Rich in Haiti pay more taxes, Politicians make the people believe the rich do not pay edit

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