Haiti Political Crisis

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Haiti's next Prime Minister will be one of these four people

Haiti Prime Minister's podium After long talks and discussions the list of who will be his next prime minister has narrowed down to these four people. Here are their names: more »

AUDIO: Joseph Lambert - Haitian Constitution clearly states how a Prime Minister can resign

Senateur Joseph Lambert - President du Senat Listen to this AUDIO... After meeting with Haitian prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant on Wednesday, Senate president Joseph Lambert states: The Haitian Constitution clearly states how a Prime Minister can resign. more »

Haiti - ex president Privert : Time for us to Stop Bullshitting the People

Ex Haitian President Jocelerme Privert Ex Haitian president Jocelerme Privert has a simple message for Haitian Politicians: "It's time for us to stop take this little people for junk," he wrote on his twitter page. more »

Mesye O... Sanble Opposition politique Haiti a mouri tout bon vre!

Haiti G8 - Fin Mai 2016 Nous annonçons avec infiniment de peine, la triste nouvelle de la mort de l'opposition en Haiti, decede en 2018 apres in maladie de pouvoir courageusement suporté LOL... more »

Gregory Brandt: The Rich in Haiti pay more taxes, Politicians make the people believe the rich do not pay

Gregory Brandt There is a sector in the Haitian population that is trying to make the people believe that the rich don't pay taxes. Haitian businessman Gregory Brandt had something to say about that... more »

Haiti Elections - More POLICE in the Streets during Elections Weekend

Tonton Bicha, Police Officer Haiti Elections Udate -- The Haiti National Police announced a reinforcement of security during elections weekend... Troublemakers beware... Expect MORE POLICE officers in the streets of Haiti especially in areas prone to elections violence... more »

FLASH: New Haiti Political Accord to be signed at KINAM Hotel Sunday 11 Jan 2015

Haiti - Protocole d'Accord El Rancho - Lapriye pou fini Breaking News... There is a new political accord that is expected to be signed between Haiti President Martelly and representatives of the opposition political parties at KINAM Hotel Sunday 11 January 2015, hours before the 12 Janvier deadline... more »