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Haiti Deputes ratify the general policy of PM Jean-Henry Ceant

Monsieur le Premier Ministre Jean Henry Ceant The wait is over and Haiti has a new prime minister. Notaire Jean Henry Ceant has just received the blessing of the Chamber of Deputies to become officially Prime Minister of Haiti. more »

Haiti Parliament to Hold First National Assembly this Thursday

Depute 50eme Legislature Garcia Delva, Francisque Delacruz Finally, the first National Assembly of the 50th legislature of Haiti will be held this thursday, 04 February 2016, in order to officially open the legislative year, so the elected Deputes can get to work... more »

Haiti - Shots fired at ex-Depute Hidson Nelson's vehicle, Depute Injured

Former Haiti Depute Hidson Nelson of Pignon, Ranquitte et La Victoire, was rushed to the hospital early Wednesday afternoon, 04 Mar 2014, after his vehicle was shot at by 3 armed gunmen riding on motorcycles... more »

Haiti - Deputes vote 45 to 7 in favor of implementing Article 12 of the El Rancho Accord

Deputes Casting their vote - Haiti Chambre des Deputes In Haiti, the deputes want Elections this year... Haitian deputes say in a loud voice: Implement Article 12 of the El Rancho Accord so that the elections can be held at the end of the year... The deputes convened and adopted a resolution Thursday recommending the implementation of Article 12... Will Martelly do it? Can Martelly do it? more »

Haiti Politics - Depute Louis-Marie Bonhomme supports Application of Article 12 of the El Rancho Accord

Haiti Depute Louis-Marie Bonhomme Haiti Election 2014 is at standstill and some parliamentarians are beginning to ask the executive branch of Government to apply Article 12 of the El Rancho Accord do that Elections can be held at the end of the year... Once such parliamentarian is depute Depute Louis-Marie Bonhomme of Saint-Louis du Nord / Anse-à-Foleur... more »

Haiti - Depute Jules Lionel Anelus involved in Traffic Accident, 13 Dead, 10 Injured

Haitian deputé Jules Lionel Anelus of Lestere was involved in a terrible accident not far from St Marc Haiti that killed 13 people, including 6 women and a baby, and injured 10 others (some are reporting 17 injured)... According to news report Depute Faustin was wounded in the chest, his driver was wounded and his security guard lost an eyeball in the accident. more »

Haiti Depute Jude Charles Faustin posts Facebook message denying involvement in terrible car accident

Haiti Depute Jude Charles Faustin posted message on his Facebook page denying news of his involvement in a terrible car accident Saturday 15 June 2014. "It is not true," the Depute said, I am at home!" more »

Haiti Elections 2014 - The Chamber of Deputies show more Cooperation

Earlier this week, President of the Chamber of Deputies, Jacques Thimoléon Stevenson, announced that the Assembly of Deputies have reconfirmed their two representatives in Haiti's Electoral Council... Marie Clunie Dumay Miracles and Pierre Simon Georges, two representatives of the Lower House in the CTCEP, will keep their positions after the conversion back to Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) is complete. more »