Fritz William Michel

Haiti Senators accused of receiving $100,000 US to vote in favor of Prime Minister deny it

A group of Haitian Senators accused by an opposition senator of receiving $100,000 US each in bribe money to vote in favor the ratification of Prime Minister Fritz William Michel deny such allegation.

Ratification session of Haiti Prime Minister Fritz William Michel Wednesday

The ratification session of Prime Minister Fritz William Michel's general policy statement is scheduled for Wednesday, September 11 2019, at 11 a.m. in the Senate of the Republic.

Haiti Opposition Deputes against approval of Prime Minister's General Policy Statement

Haiti deputes of the opposition are flatly against the approval of the general policy statement of the Prime Minister Fritz William Michel.

Haiti Deputes approve the General Policy of Prime Minister Fritz William Michel

After months without a legitimate government, Haiti has finally had its new prime minister approved by the Chamber of Deputes. One step remains.

Jean-Michel Lapin resigns as Prime Minister of Haiti, Fritz William Michel become new PM

President Jovenel Moise appointed Fritz William Michel new Prime Minister of Haiti Monday, 22 July 2019, to replace Jean-Michel Lapin who resigned.