Depute Sinal Bertrand

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Kidnapped Haiti Depute released after paying USD $40,000 ransom money

Haiti depute Sinal Bertrand Kidnapped in the night of Thursday, February 20th in Delmas 65, Lavalas Depute Sinal Bertrand was released after painf a hefty sum to his kidnappers more »

FLASH: Ex Haitian Depute Sinal Bretrand Kidnapped in Haiti

Haiti depute Sinal Bertrand It has been reported that ex Haitian Depute Sinal Bertrand was kidnapped in Haiti Thursday by armed bandits. more »

SHOTS Fired at Depute Sinal Bertrand in Les Cayes

Haiti depute Sinal Bertrand A mid-day Saturday Haiti news flash revealed a Depute has been shot in SUD department of Haiti. Minutes later we discovered the Depute in question is Signal Bertrand. more »