The same Steven Benoit who was raging for president Jovenel Moise to step down is now crying about Ariel Henry handing the country over to bandits

Former Haiti Senator Steven Benoit recently took to Twitter to voice his concerns about Prime Minister Ariel Henry and his Chief of Police Frantz Elbe being so evil that they are handing over more territory to the bandits.

A political alliance between Andre Michel and Steven Benoit, established since August 2015

Going from promises to predicaments - Steven Benoit promised Haiti would be paradise after Jovenel. This is the main source of the political turmoil going on in this country, those who say whatever to flip the coin in their favor. In reality, they have no plans.

Former haiti Senator Steven Benoit post on twitter: "So after Croix-des-Bouquets, Cabaret, Torsel, Pernier, Martissant, Now it is Carrefour-Feuilles that Ariel and Elbe is handing over to bandits? These guys are evil."

Senator Steven Benoit tweet Criticizing PM Ariel Henry and DG PNH Frantz Elbe for Gang violence in Haiti

Really Steven?

Since the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, accusations and finger-pointing have intensified, with political leaders facing criticism for their past actions they are trying to white wash themselves, take themselves out of the chaos equation and be angels again.

Many Twitter users were quick to remind Benoit and other opposition leaders of their own role in the months leading up to President Moise's assassination and the spread of gang violence and criminality that followed.

They all promised safety and security as soon as Jovenel Moise steps down.

Steven Benoit himself told President Jovenel Moise in a video interview: "Even though you think it is not the end of your term as president, make the sacrifice for the country. Go, leave on 07 February 2021... Jovenel Moise and Martine, I beg you, do this for the country."

The journalist asked Benoit: "Si Non? (What if he doesn't?)"

Steven Benoit replied: "Sak rive w rive w chef!" (Whatever happens to you happens).

Something did happen. Months later, Jovenel Moise was assassinated.

In a TikTok video mash-up posted as a reply to Steven Benoit's post on Twitter, someone reminded him of what he said:

Steven Benoit said: "Kon Jovenel ale, apre 2 3 semenn w ap we kidnapin nan fini net." (As soon as President Jovenel Moise steps down, within two to three weeks, there will no more kidnappings in Haiti.)

Andre Michel said: "The Minute Jovenel Moise resigns the country will start to function perfectly because he cannot. We can."

Ex Senator Youri Latortue said: "This opposition is a responsible opposition. That is why we are saying to the national and international community, after February 7th it is not only the political responsibilities that will take over, we will re-establish security all over the country.

In the lead-up to the tragic event, a chorus of opposition leaders, including Benoit and his allies, vehemently called for President Moise's resignation. They argued that Haiti would only experience safety and security once he stepped down from power. The promise of a better Haiti, free from corruption and violence, resonated with the population's desire for change.

However, with the nation grappling with the aftermath of the president's assassination, the promise of a safer Haiti appears to have been short-lived.

Critics are pointing fingers at the very opposition leaders who rallied behind the demand for Moise's resignation. The accusations that they were complicit in creating a power vacuum that allowed criminal elements to thrive are growing louder.

Haiti's political landscape is not as black and white as it may seem. Everyone wants control of the country but they have no plan and they have no real idea how to rule.

Every time the people of Haiti elect a leader, others start barking like dogs when they have no better plan.

It is really time for these people to zip their mouths or, like Steven Benoit said to President Jovenel Moise:

"Sak rive w rive w chef!"

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Patrick Princivil says...

Masimadi sa a.

Kata pou ougan yo, manbo yo, masonlòj yo, bizanwèl yo, bizango yo, lukanti yo, makanda yo, chanpwèl yo, lougawou yo, rat pa kk yo, masimadi yo, LGBT?

Se pou bandi legal yo flanke tout deyò nan peyi

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Subject: The same Steven Benoit who was raging for president Jovenel Moise to step down is now crying about Ariel Henry handing the country over to bandits edit

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