SPECIAL REPORT: Jude Celestin Only Got 12 Percent Of The Votes?

A Caribbean news web site said and I quote: "It has been reported that Jude Celestin, the candidate of President Preval's party, received just about 12 percent of the vote."

The biggest panic in the November 28 Haiti elections is that President Rene Preval was trying to rig the elections in favor of Jude Celestin... His hand-picked successor, everybody kept on saying...

As soon as voting began, the were allegations of massive fraud everywhere and mentions of the INITE political party's involvement.

And all they got 12 percent of the vote?


What do you think really happened?

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Charles Amicy says...

I believe that most Haitians are tired with Preval.

I am sorry he put Jude Celestin in that position.

He could do better for the Haitian people if he wanted to. It is unfortunate that Haiti will only have bad souvenir from

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Sydoine Jeannite says...

It seems to me those who are educated in My country use their education to manipulate the uneducate mass. Because from Jean Claude Duvalier Left Haiti people protest for no sensible reason.

They do so at the instruction of some educated fools who don't really believe in true democracy and they don't seem to have a proper understanding of Democracy.

Protest and coup d'Etat are not democracy.True Democracy can only work and will only work by Way of Ballots at all level.

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Tino says...

I think the Haitians are starting to get more involve.

Perhaps more aware of what has been going on. My question is WHAT HAS PREVAL DONE SINCE THE EARTHQUAK?

absolutely nothing! Even the palace is still down...

Those who voted for Jude are after their own

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Sergo Jean says...

I support this topic, why the article 21 of Haiti constitutions said;(the Crime of High treason consists in bearing Arms in a foreign army against the republic, serving a foreign nation in a conflict with the republic, in any officials stealing state property, in trusted to his management or any violation of the constitution by those responsible for enforcing it.And 21-1 said the crime of high treason is punishable by forced labor for life without commutation of sentence.Now people talked and the next president must apply the law against President Preval and all his official friends for

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Alister Wm Macintyre says...

12% is significant when you consider 100% divided by 19 candidates + NONE OF THE ABOVE (blank) is about 5% each if there were no

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