Shots Fired In Jacques Edouard Alexis' Campaign, One Driver Dead

A bus owned by Jacques Edouard Alexis's political party came under fire somewhere in Gonaives en route to Cap Haitien. The driver died with a bullet in the head and a news reporter is injured.

Is this a coincidence?

Haitian presidential candidate Jacques Edouard Alexis accused president preval of distributing guns in Haiti earlier this month and now his campaign bus came under fire.

It doesnt look good if you ask me...

What do you think?

AHP reports...

The candidate of the party Movement for Progress of Haiti (MPH), Jacques Edouard Alexis arrived in late afternoon Tuesday to Cap-Haitien, where he was scheduled to start the second phase of his electoral campaign.

A party bus carrying a dozen journalists to tocover the event was targeted by gunmen who shot the driver in the locality of Poteau (Gonaives).

Before arriving in Cap-Haitien, the candidate and his motorcade made a stop in several towns including Acul, Plaisance and Limbe.

One member of Jacques Edouard Alexis' team, Anes Lubin, declined to comment on the incident, but recalled the recent statements by the candidate held around distribution of weapons that have been made in some regions.

Anes Lubin also stated that the candidate is not about to give up but instead will meet with members of his team to define new strategies in the pursuit of his campaign.


Alexis accuses Preval of distributing weapons... Now suddenly... There's death in the Alexis campaign...

That does all this mean to you?

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Jean Raymond says...

Are u guys serious?

Someone is dead and your still on Alexis's back?

men nou pa gen ke! Nap di Aleksi te dwe retire zam nan men moun sa yo men depi 2008 Aleksi pa nan l'ETa anko! Ayisien manyen sispan hate non

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Rza says...

what i do not understand is that, why now?

how come Jacques Alexis, did not come out early with the acquisation even if it is true, don't he think he is a little too late. Jacques Alexis used to worked for Preval and he never mention anything about it, until Preval fired him. that is funny all of over sudden he want to start pointing fingers..

He is as Corrupted as

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Gauthier Saintilus says...

Jacques edouard Alexis di, Presidan Preval distribye zam pou kombat kontre li. zanmi, Bliye Preval.

Foua sa, L'Eternel pral detri tout gran mangers san zam. Peson pap tire sou peson, epi yon balayage total pral fet en ayiti.

L'Eternel dit C'est Aseez!

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Martine Cill says...

I agree with you he should be serve as a dish on our

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Sergo Jean says...

Li te gen pou responsabilite pou dezame moun sa yo loske li te premye minis, yon bagay li pat fe, epi li se moun ki pase plis tan kom chef du gouveneman nan peyi Haiti apre rejim Duvalier .li pat janm prezante bay palman lwa ki pou condane youn moun si la police jwen ou avec di konbyen kob la gen pou peye leta kom dezobeyisans a yon lwa ke palman vote epi konbyen tan prizon moun sa ap pran. Li pat fe anyen sof mache bay parol tafia nan tout peyi ya.mwen sonje bagay sa te fet nan elecsyon 2000 kote te gen bomb nan tout rout Port-au Prince epi Alexis te premye minis ki sa li te fe konbyen moun li te arete, ki kote jujman moun sa yo te fet, ki moun ki te odone moun sa yo pou fe travay sa, pep la pa janm gen repons sa yo.Jean dominique ki es moun ki te tue l, pa gen repons.mwen panse gen machine loske ou creye l fok ou met frin ladan si non wap fe acsidan depi ou fe acsidan ou ka mouri tou avec lot moun. Se prezidan Preval la ki yes moun ki te tire sou li.yon seri de oficie ki te nan lame ya ki moun ki te touye moun sa yo sou gouveneman lan gen anpil lot inosan ki te mouri nan peyi ya pou anyen bay peyi explicasyon.

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Garry Destin says...

Rene preval has already disgraced Haiti enough.

Haitian should use him as the last ever example.

Maybe Haiti needs a last sacrifice to free it from what's it's been diseased of. Use him as the sacrificial

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Harold Fleurine says...

In this case words speaks before action
If you have to bring judgement, who will you believe?

This Elections will be a fight betwen preval and any other candidat who opose against jude celestin.

Songer bien la parole s'en va mais l'ecriture

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Yves says...

that mean preval is in the

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