Rumor: Martelly Keeps Bellerive, Bypass Senate, Forms A Governemt

VIDEO REPORT - There is a rumor circulating in Haiti that Haitian president Michel Martelly wants to keep outgoing Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive, bypass the Haitian senate, and form his government.

Haitian senators and Deputes are in a state of shock!

House President, Deputy Sorel Jacinthe, Senate President, Rodolphe Joazile, and Senator Jean Hector Anacacis are all talking about it...

KEEP The outgoing Haitian Prime Minister? Bypass the Haitian senate? Is that legal? LOL...

Watch this video...


Constitutionally speaking... Does the current Haitian Prime Minister HAVE to resign? Can the current Haitian Prime Minister LEGALLY keep his job?

What does the Haitian constitution say about that?

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Tet Kale Bobis says...

Mache sou yo Martelly
Yo te kompren se po
Kite yo pale
Kontinye mache sou yo
Yo te kompren se rens
Kite yo kontinye rense
Kite yo babye diol yo
Kontinye mache sou yo
Montre malfecter demon sa yo
Saki rele changeman pou avansman
Mache sou yo gacon
Nou avew e yo kon sa
Mate kompa'a nou chouwa

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Wapsuiv says...

Some were expecting the same gagotte with a twist of magouye but Martelly pa nimpot gacon, ou met pense saw vle di saw vle but he is doing while they are talking
Mate kompa'a nan dingong yo Martelly.

Joseph Lambert Gary Conille needs a good shoshine boy to keep his shoes clean, where are

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Mamny says...

aba lavalas salvye chyen kocho, pe vole assassin, yap bare pou yo ale vole election bare kochon ki rele aristid

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Gabby says...

Sources: Martelly to Designate UN Official for Prime Minister

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Viv Ayiti says...

Mfout dako avew la voum pou aba makout ak aba lavalas epi voye Ahiti monte piwo. JBC te met rentre NY poul marie ak JBA epi pendan ya tape lot yun ka rele makout epi lot la a rele lavalas.

Kitem bouda nou en repo. konyea se yun kestyon de nouvel ide pou fai peyia mache nan rout changemen.

JBC ap bien viv ensem ak JBA e tout lot senti inite yo ak tout lot makout e chimer yo ap relax, pendan ti moun ap mouri grangou nan peyia.

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Lakay Info says...

Do like Preval did, when he was the President of Haiti keep moving without them or ya rele ou tibles bandi legal. was here the best Haitian Television Network on the

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Haitian Tele Network says...

Do like Preval did, when he was the President of Haiti keep moving without them or ya rele ou

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Patricia says...

You are welcome my friend, today we are living in a critical time it's not the moment to torn each other apart, but let united to see how we can help our country to move forward.

As I said all the time if we divided Haiti will perish, even we are not happy with what the G16 are doing ;plus others that are hiding behind the curtain who refuse to let the country change progressively still we can not hate them. Inset we need to find a way to hold their hands and help them to step outside the box where they will be touch by the light of love, compassion,caring, forgiving, giving and helping.

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Gabby says...

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Neg Maron says...

Merci Patricia, welcome back, we missed you. Thanks for the positive vibe. On this some are talking about nothing; some are screaming non sense; others are looking for something to say, and some are showing that they are in need of psychiatric help. But you are always giving an encouraging message with a God bless.

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