Pras Michel says If Martelly Is Not Elected, Haiti Will Be SET On Fire!

Haiti Election day is coming... WHAT IF Michel Martelly is NOT elected president? Pras Michel [The Fugees] was asked that question by Tele Image host Valerio Saint Louis and he said flat out... Haiti ap pran dife! (The Haitian people will burn the country)
Pras Michel on Al Jazeera

Tande ak wè se 2...

Watch the video...

Listen to his comments...

Then tell me what you think...

In his defense... Pras did says...

"Si pep la chwazi Manigat... pa gen anyen kap fet!...
Chwazi Manigat? Jamais... Jamais"


Should the people CHOOSE Manigat, then nothing will happen... But the people will never choose Manigat...

In other words, if Mirlande Manigat is SELECTED and not ELECTED something really bad is about to happen in Haiti...

Same Question to you...

What if Michel Martelly is NOT elected President?

Watch the entire video, listen to everything that was said, then... of course...

Reply with your comments

(Thank you, Jessica, for bringing this video to our attention)

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Subject: Pras Michel says If Martelly Is Not Elected, Haiti Will Be SET On Fire! edit

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Ggg At Praz te prenwou sou kat pat
Reply · March 17 at 1:16 PM
Nancy cabinet de sweet micky, michel francois chef de la police, cedras premier ministre, kom rekonpans pase li te kouche madam jacques sove jean lap bali ministre la culture, ed... see more
Reply · March 17 at 1:09 PM
Pitmakaya Pras,Wiklef, Mateli 3 etranje k ap bw
Reply · March 17 at 12:43 PM
Urconscience You are too bright for this type of hype with nothing substance. The guy was quick with his mouth, but redeemed himself later to say that if Mirlande is chosen by the people... see more
Reply · March 17 at 8:48 AM
Sonia Hi my Haitian friends, I need the address of a good hospital in Haiti, where the hospital I work at can send some supplies, for the needy, not the rich. I really need your help... see more
Reply · March 17 at 8:01 AM
Florence Marie ou vin'n sambler yon moune ki pa sociable.Toute la jounin se mo sal yap di.Ou pa capab vini ac pies lide importan.La paix ave ou mp prie pou ou konier a ou rele Joseph... see more
Reply · March 15 at 11:24 PM
Hermione docte se jouet nom nan se youn kraked li pa mem Haitien et li decide li pou li vin kraze peyi a sa prouve nou pa dwe vote pou miki paske tan pou li pa ta president li ta... see more
Reply · March 15 at 5:30 PM
Tomy I am 100% in favor of Martelly, but i really don't like Pras Comment,we need to stop thinking about the burning thing, that cause more destruction and poverty, and WHO IS THAT... see more
Reply · March 15 at 5:27 PM
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