Haiti Opposition : Moise Jean-Charles says President Jovenel MUST GO even if gas prices drops to 10 gourdes

Haitian opposition leader and former senator Moise Jean Charles says even if President Jovenel Moise drops gas prices down to 10 gourdes, mobilizations will continue to get rid of him because, he says, there are more chaos underway in Haiti and Jovenel Moise must step down.

Moise Jean Charles warns about Gas Prices in Haiti

"We have no other choices," Senator Moise Jean Charles said, "that is not what we all wish for but Jovenel Moise has to step down or else the mobilization will strengthen."

Plans for a future Haiti without Jovenel Moise:

"We are in touch with all sectors of society," Moise Jean Charles said, "Steps are already in place for an eventuel departure of Jovenel Moise," he told journalist Guerrier Dieuseul Monday.

"Jovenel Moise is a menace to Haiti, he cannot continue as head of State."

Journalist Guerrier Dieuseul interrupts Senator Moise with a question:

"Ou vle mete konstitisyon an sou kote?"

So you want to put the Constitution aside, Journalist Guerrier Dieuseul ask the former Senator,"because president Jovenel is elected for 5 years and the constitution have no provisions for what you are planning."

Moise Jean Charles replies:

"Constitution an pat prevwa tapwal gen yon president ki enkapab ki pwal kraze peyi a"

Translation: The constitution has no provisions neither on how to deal with an incompetent president who wants to destroy the country.


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David Grant says...

It seems that Mr Moise Jean Charles is hell bent at making the country ungovernable.

However, what he seems to overlook is that snowmobiling criminal elements to disrupt the peace may be punished by law.
No one is against his desire to be in power, but he must respect the constitution and wait for his time; through legal

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Nathan Louis Jean says...

Moise jean charles es un bruto de última clase incompetente es los opositores no hay nadie de clase en ese grupo de oposición son gente que estan vendiendo el pais que son gente que son capaz de hacer cualquier cosa por dinero no tienen

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Subject: Haiti Opposition : Moise Jean-Charles says President Jovenel MUST GO even if gas prices drops to 10 gourdes edit

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