Interpellation of 3 Ministers in Haiti Government... Minis yo pap fe wonn pot!

For a few weeks now, there has been talks about the interpellation of three (3) ministers in the Haitian government. I didn't say anything about it because I sometime lack the capacity to understand what is going on in Haitian Politics. it's freaking confusing at times... To sum it up... There was an interpellation but no one got fired if you know what I mean...

Collapsed Haitian Parliament Building - Palais Legislatif

let me see if I can sum what I read about it in a few paragraphs...

Haitian lawmakers who oppose the Martelly administration called a session of "interpellation" of three ministers, Jean Renel Sanon (Justice), David Bazile (Intérieur et des Collectivités territoriales) et Pierre-Richard Casimir (Affaires étrangères), and they were supposed to the the BIG "YOU'RE FIRED!" finger from the Haitian parliament...

Unfortunately for the lawmakers, fortunately for the Ministers, the vote came up short... They needed 16 votes of no confidence but only got 14... so the ministers get to keep their jobs.

Sim diw mwen konnen poukisa yo te entepele minis yo, se manti m'ap ba-w.

Mwen pa konnen ni si yo merite revoke, ni tou si you merite rete travay...

Sa selman mwen ka diw se ke, Senate ak Depite an Haiti yo telman pleyen, ou vinn pa konn nan ko bo pou-w kanpe na desisyuon yo vle pran...

Ou konprann?

Si ou gen yon lide de zafe entepelasyon sa-a, si le te dwe oswa pat dwe fet, petet ou ka pataje-l ave nou...

Kite yon mesaj

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