Haiti's Presidential Election Projection Polls, Real Or FAKE?

Everyone is talking about this famous POLL conducted about the Haiti presidential elections... Well... Somebody out there is suggesting that the POLL is FAKE, a conspiracy to SELECT Jude Celestin for president on election day.

Here's what I found out...

The famous Haitian Election poll results, released on October 4 2010, was conducted by BRIDES (Bureau de Recherche en Informatique et en Developement Economique et Social).

Question: Is it real or FAKE?

Just hours before the Election poll results came out, at 10:57 PM, on October 3rd, a new twitter account was created under the assumed name "haitianeye" and the very first post on this account reads:

"Haiti Gov infiltrates poll entity BRIDE 2 change future poll results in favor of Gov candidate Celestin. A certain R Boulos is an accomplice"

At 12:04 AM, October 4th, a second message reads:

Full Story of Haiti Election Corruption:

The Haitian Government has infiltrated BRIDE, a reputable polling entity, that prepares Haiti's Presidential Election Projection polls.

Their plan is to gradually increase, on future polls, the percentage of the Government backed candidate Jude Celestin.

This way they can justify imposing him to the Haitian people come election day.

According to reliable sources, they intend to do so tomorrow by announcing the first of the fraudulent results.

A certain Mr. R. Boulos will be partaking by introducing the first of the series.

A conspiracy theroy?


All of this was posted hours before the Haiti Election poll results were made public


This person is trying very hard to leak the information to the media!

All day Yesterday... October 4th, haitianeye on twitter has been tweeting this same message to every major news organization including CNN, NewsWeek, BBC News, TIME Magazine, Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and many more...

He even provided a link to the 103-pages file, see: Resultats Sondage Du Brides_ Vol I_sur Les Presidentilles Fesp

It's 103 pages long.


  • Could this be true?
  • Is it a conspiracy theory?
  • Have you heard anything about it?
  • Is anyone investigating this claim?
  • How credible is this BRIDES?
  • Who is this haitianeye character?
  • Who is Mr. R Boulos?
  • Why Jude Celestin?
  • What the hell is going on here......

The poll results clearly made noise, you hear about it on every Haitian media outlet. Every radio station picked it up, they are all talking about it.

What do you know?

What do you think?

Talk to me baby!

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Mee Too says...

It is fake. I have got proof of these guys tweeking the results.

I have all the calculations redone and there is something fishy
there between poll 1 and poll 2.
As well the numbers are fake because nothing adds

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Betina Jeanmary says...

the haitian palace not to be rent with anyone outside the haitian government.

It may cause security problem if haitian rent their palace except for goverment purpose.

Again we don't want the haitian palace to be taken away or take over. Haitian palace is the haitian treasure we don't want it to be destroy by mafia.

Haitian goverment need to put strong security in the haitian

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Alister Wm Macintyre says...

There are people who are competent and honest at whatever work it is they do.
There are people who are competent at getting their news out to mainstream news media, or to the community of people working on Haiti Relief (e.g. thru UN Relief Web).

There are people who are competent at getting people to donate money for their alleged charitable organization.

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Aubert says...

existe-il un haitien qui a etudier la science politique?

black peoples have a black problem
this is

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Harold Fleurine says...

This year every body concerns about Elections in haiti that right we have to (VEYEZ YO)WHEN I SAW THE POLL I JUST CLOSED MY COMPUTER.That what they do all the life. manger

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