Haiti Politics - YES we are KAMIKAZEs, Senator Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aime says...

The battle of words are steaming up in Haitian Politics... Senator Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aime was not very happy to hear himself and his fellow group of 6 Senators being called KAMIKAZEs... In his reply, he reffered to Pierre Michel Brunache as "un petit fonctionnaire de la Primature" who he should not have replied to... But, I guess words hurt and he replied anyway... LOL...

"YES we are KAMIKAZEs for the the respect of the Constitution," Senator Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aime says, visibly pissed off, according to Le Nouvelliste.

Also read: Haiti - Pierre Michel Brunache Accuses Senators of KAMIKAZE

Keep in mind, a KAMIKAZE is a suicide bomber...

"We are proud to be suicide bombers for the country," Senator Bien-Aime continued. "He who calls us kamikazes wants us to make compromises, accept small privileges and benefits to play their little game. In Haiti, as soon as one cannot control you, they call you all sorts of names."

The senator affirms that he will not back down no mather what. He wants article 191 and 289 of the Constitution respected... In other words... Smash the current electoral council (CEP) and build a new one...

What do you think about that?

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Sony Aime says...

very good job senateur Bien AIME PA JANM mache tet besse devan move ingredyan sa yo.

yo pagen kolonn

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Patrick Princivil says...

When the day come I will see what the Kamikazes will do. What this crappy article 191 and 289 have done for the Haitian's people?

This Kamikazes, Jean Baptiste Bien-Aimé should not have that pink color on him, maybe he doesn't know what that mean, if Kamikazes is against réponse payizan and gouverman lakay why he pretend dress like gouverman lakay and réponse payizan?

We are already know that Kamikazes are fat hypocrite, they have to stop that.

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Subject: Haiti Politics - YES we are KAMIKAZEs, Senator Jean-Baptiste Bien-Aime says... edit

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