Haiti recognizes dual citizenship

Haitian President Michel Martelly Tuesday signed an order authorizing the release after months of controversy, an amended version of the constitution of the country who recognize such dual citizenship for Haitians living abroad.

The amended text "brings a lot of new elements in politics and democracy in Haiti, this is a turning point in national history," said the presidential palace since the head of state in the presence of government President of the National Assembly and the diplomatic corps.

Among the changes, Mr. Martelly cited the formation of the Permanent Electoral Council (CEP) responsible for organizing the upcoming parliamentary by-elections and local and regional elections and the principle of "multiple nationality", which will for the first After 4 million Haitians living outside the country to vote and stand for office.

"All Haitians are Haitians. No more debate, "Mr. Martelly launched in Creole, which was also pleased that the new version of the constitution establishes the 30% quota of women in public administration.

"Out of ten persons named in the state, there must be at least three women," he insisted, prompting applause from the First Lady Sophia Martelly, this along with seven women members of cabinet.

The signing of this Order, which will allow the entry into force of the new constitution, puts an end to months of controversy over the revision of the "mother law".

Adopted in 1987 following the fall of the Duvalier dictatorship (1957-1986), the constitution had been amended and published in May 2011, shortly before the inauguration of Mr. Martelly, but the document had been reviewed because many "factual errors" found in the text.

The new version has been revised and corrected "in concert with other powers, legislative and judicial branches," said Mr. Martelly Tuesday.

Agence France-Presse

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Devi says...

What a beautiful idea to do with your kids I have woekrd in Ethiopia and seen women travel up to 6 hours every day for water that isn't even clean.

This is a great idea to keep in mind when I have kids to help them appreciate their blessings without taking them on a 13 hour plane ride! All the

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