Haiti - How do you rate the first 3 years President Martelly in Office?

This Wednesday, May 14, 2014, will mark 3 years since Haiti President Michel Martelly took office... During those 3 years, depending on who you ask, you will either hear that Martelly is doing a superb job or that he doing nothing... I would like to you hear your opinion... How do you rate the first 3 years President Martelly in office?

If you had to give a grade to the president, from A+ do F, for his first 3 years in office what would that grade be?

Are you grading the president's performance based on what you HEAR or what you SEE with your own eyes?

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Jounen Mekredi 14 Me 2014 la ap make 3 lane depi ke President Martelly monte sou pouvwa... Ki opinion-w de pèfòmans presidan-an nan 3 zan sa yo?

Eske ou base opinion saa sou sa-w tande oswa sa ou wè ak de grenn je-w?

Kite yon mesaj

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Dufresne Michel says...

I think the narrow mind of some people cannot comprehend GOOD THINGS VS BAD THINGS, I really feel sorry for them, because their mind is so full of evil, they call good bad and bad good. The are so controlled by evil force and

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Robert Jean Augustin says...

The grade will be ( D ) because none off
them was not doing anything better before

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Haitiens Sou Facebook says...

"He's the best President in Haitian history.

He accomplishes so much in such short time under the pressure of the Jealeous.

Most popular than all of the past one. President Martelly the great, including Lamothe team...


"Best Haitian President since I have been alive..."

"I love him"


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Robert Jean Augustin says...

The president doing very

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Jino says...

There is no perfect government, I think he's doing alright.

Il n'ya pas de gouvernement parfait, je pense qu'il fait

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Gerard says...

I second this motion within the blink of an eye.
After President Paul E Magloire it was the descent into the abyss until Martelly came and is doing the best he possibly can to reverse the country's free fall into

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Don Mario says...

mwen ap bay prezidan an

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Stevenson Desra says...

worse 3 years

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Gerard says...

President Martelly like all of us is human therefore not perfect.

But compared to all those who occupied the function before him he has done better than most of them if for only one thing he has put Haiti on the world map with prestige.

Anyone who disagree with me show me one President who did better than him at least in the past 57 years.


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Josy says...

I give him a 10 plus, and he is doing the best humanly possible to clean up this huge mess in

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