Haiti - Radio Caraibes Under Police Fire with a Haitian legislator inside!

Shots Fired By Police In Front of Haiti Radio Caraibes With Haitian Legislator, Deputy Rodriguez, Being Interviewed Inside the station

Haitian Deputy Rodriguez Sejour was in the middle of an interview on Radio Caraibes when Haitian Policemen bombarded the radio station and fired lots of gunshots outside.

During the program INTERSECTION, Radio Caraibes made live cry to the public and to authorities that "We are under fire!" and feard for the security of Deputy Rodriguez Sejour.

The radio station is under lots of pressure because some of the policemen want to enter the premises of the radio station and officials of the radio are saying they cannot enter with their weapons.

As of the writing of the article, Haitian Deputy Rodriguez Sejour is still iside the radio station, the police is still outside and there is no mention of the intent of the police as to why they want to enter the radio station.

Coincidentally, the deputy is inside being interviewed because he name is mentioned in the murder of Haitian policeman Calixte Walky tuesday.

The Haitian Parliament is on Alert and demanding that Haitian police immediately leave the premises

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Concern Citizen says...

Agent-X you need to take a break girl you have some good information and a lot of not so good information your opinion get in the way of reporting what is actually happening in the real world I don't know how you keep a roof over your head and food in your stomach but you have a lot of time in your hand to bad mouthing people and come up with a lot of

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Agent-x says...

Ninety percent of information about Haiti are oral or in broadcast format rather than print such as internet and newspapers.

I owned 8 wifi radios because I am monitoring several Haitian radio stations in Haiti and around the globe.

Different models and brands do not receive exactly the same set of station.

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Wesly says...

kom neg kfou map mande jistis pou fre nou policier zone bolakay nou fok letat pran tout mesi poul bay fanmi calixte jistis sa set fwasy li pap pase sanl pa jwen jistis se trop ato jistis pou moun kfou pou jen kfou pou fre n ak se n nan

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Sergo Jean says...

Depi depute ya coupab foc la police arete l. zafe depute fe lwa pou pa gen mounn ki ka pouswiv yo wa pa korec se soutni criminel epi an kouraje neg sa yo plis nan corupsyon.

pa gen ocun peyi o mond ki ecri lwa pou di la police pa ka fe anket sou palmante e arete yo depi yo koupab.Lwa mwen tande yap ecri apre manda yo pou la justice pa pouswiv yo wa pa corec depi ou se vole foc la justice pouswiv ou.Si li bon nan je Duvalier foc li bon nan je Aristide, menm jan li te bon nan je Avril ancien prezidan.

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Tizwit says...

Democracy in Haiti is far to reach, with the fragility of a long political transition, The need for a new constitution with law and order is almost uncertain.

Most of haitians living in Haiti really doubt the seriousness and the competency of the authorithies, confrontations amongst the policemen and lawmakers are a daily living obstacles, Questionning the Haitian police officers about those incidents nearly ninety nine per cent will answer you with cautiousness it's political therefore money greed and power truly play a major role in the actual situation, some haitians even believe changing the political squad will carry a different result.

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Lenord Pompilus says...

I guess things are changing in Haiti, if they can stop police from going inside, that means democracy is working now in Haiti.

Twenty years ago, they would go in and kill everyone who would stop them from excising their power.

Thanks God for

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Daniel says...

Fuck ..Rodriguez Sejour ou sot tiye yon policier ki ap defend justice pou peyi d'ayiti..

Pou'l montre sa pou nou respekte le n'ap kondui le nou panse ke se lajan kapab fe tout bagay konyea misye mouri li kite 2 pitit ak madanm li...

Misye te konn kite message sou facebook li kont injustis nan peyi d'haiti Min koko sans pwel nan palman yo se fout posh yo yap gere...

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