Haiti Progress held Hostage by a few Politicians Tied to Turmoil and Chaos of the Past, Prime Minister Lamothe writes

A recent article by Haiti Prime Minister's Laurent Lamothe states that Haiti's progress is being held back by politics of the past... In the article, Lamothe suggest that there are a few Haitian politicians in Haiti refuse to let the country move forward because they are so used to the "turmoil and chaos" style of Haitian politics... Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Laurent Lamothe writes in his personal blog:

A stable and democratic Haiti is the only way that our country will be able to achieve the common goals of reducing poverty, reducing inequality and creating employment.

...our progress is being held hostage by... a few politicians who, unfortunately, are tied to the turmoil and chaos of the past and who today are again resorting to anti-democratic actions to block legislative and municipal elections slated for October.

... President Martelly himself participated in the negotiations held at El Rancho... all parties signed... [the] Accord that commits us to elections in October... despite the consensus achieved at El Rancho, a faction of the opposition has systematically blocked the implementation of Haiti's first all-inclusive political agreement. Through their actions -- that include everything from not fulfilling the terms of the accord to staging violent demonstrations around the country -- these politicians are undermining Haiti's democracy...

... If these politicians get their way, the specter of instability and a return to the era where corrupt practices created opportunities only for politicians, not for the people, is a real possibility...

Wow... What do you think about that?

Do you agree or disagree with the Prime Minister's statement?

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Bonito says...

Considering the accord at El Rancho having fallen short of bringing to the table of "The dialogue" a significant share of the representatives of the Haitian people and as such would not meet the definition of all-inclusive and thereby an overstatement or an exageration on the part of the Prime Minister would then be considered precipitous, it is nonetheless fitting to recognize that Haiti like many other countries has known its fair share of pairs o opposites.

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Paul Szostak says...

Martelly administration has accomplished more in infrastructure and tourism and other areas than duvalier, namphy, boniface, aristide and preval administrations combined.

Just look at the progress with the roads - sure all politicians got their ways - but let martelly finish his term without a bunch of disord and then elect someone u think can do

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Carlos Dume says...

Mwen swiv tout pakou premye Minis la, Vietnam Bolivie pris france 24 rfi cuba belgique et autres androis.

Resultat amour a la patrie intelligence honnettete et

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Carlos Dume says...

Moi laisse mon pais depuis 43ans j'habite en Espagne.

c'est pour la premiere foi que je vois la lumiere pour Haiti.

Premier ministre la kenbe nan sot sao vende politik sao fok nou voye yo ale pou yal plante mayok banane et tout bagay net pou nou retire peyi a na mize.

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Patrick Princivil says...

What I can say in that situation is: I can see the Prime Minister Lamothe is a very educate person, I want him to understand that, François Duvalier was very smart just for himself, he kept Jacques Gracia beside him because Jacques Gracia didn't know how to even read; Ti Bobo was a very good partner for him because Ti Bobo didn't know how to read, the same ti Bobo became like a robot in Haiti to abuse people of Haïti anytime they want, all his partner was like that just to stay on power, when somebody finish school in Haïti, François Duvalier offered this person a visa for US etc. if this person refused he kill this person just to stay on power.

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David Elissaint says...

Good job Lamothe bayo law lan dada

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Dufresne Michel says...

I have to agree with the prime minister 100%, but regarding those thugs and imbeciles, they only need to have some constitution to limit terms of no more than one or two terms, after that get out. If not, only God knows because they are all stupid and illiterate who would never appreciate

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Frantz says...

Yes I 10,000% agree with the prime minister Laurent Lamothe.

I don't have any political party, but I simple care about my country and I also agree with everything anyone do to push the country forward.


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Subject: Haiti Progress held Hostage by a few Politicians Tied to Turmoil and Chaos of the Past, Prime Minister Lamothe writes edit

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