Haiti Presidential Terms - Two Consecutive Terms Rejected By Parliament

One of the constitutional amendments that was being considered by Haitian parliament is whether or not a Haitian president can serve two consecutive terms.

President Michel Martelly would be the first Haitian president to benefit from this new law but, unfortunately, the National Assembly rejected this amendment, deemed controversial, to the constitution that would have allowed him to serve two consecutive five-year terms.

Robert Fatton, a Haiti expert and politics professor from the University of Virginia, told AFP...

"I think people are still fearful if someone has two terms they will find a way to become president for life"

We keep playing DEFENSE when in reality it is the OFFENSIVE line that scores the touchdowns!

What do you think?

Do you think Obama would really care about catching Bin Laden if it did not include the possibility of being re-elected?

Do you think two consecutive terms as president of Haiti would encourage a president to accomplish more in hopes of being re-elected or... Are you a pessimist like Mr. Fatton?

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Richelle says...

Wow very good toulimen, tell him.Yo di henry claude gin yon gro maclouclou se maclou-clou wa kap grate li kife li voye bagay yo more then ten times because lap plede grate without knowing what his

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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

12 mai 2012, La Madeleine (France(12 mai 2011

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Toulimen Legrand says...

Vous ecrivez sur ce web que pour faire paniquer les gens en tant qu'un tonneau vide et vous faites beaucoup de bruits avec vos arguments lesquels sont tous denudes.

Je vous le dis encore qu'il y a plus d'ouvrage pour vous aux Etats Unis qu'en Haiti en tant que laveur de cerveau comme psychologue auto-proclame.

Arretez vos stupidites et en tant qu'ignorant vous meme, on va vous ignorer davantage.

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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

La Madeleine(France), 12 mai 2011
Voicice que j'ai

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Psychologue Henri-claude says...

La Madeleine(France), 12 mai 2011
Voicice que j'ai

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Saint-turon says...

Why not two consecutive term?

How can you expect an administration to provide real and lasting solutions to problems that have been destroying the country for many years...

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Charles says...

A two terms President, will give a Patriot President a better chance to accomplish more for his country than a one term President.

As long as he is not a piece of shit like Preval and Aristide.

Don't worry!The Haitian people will not allow a life time president anymore.The President needs good councellings and good environment to
govern the country and most be a good listener unlike Aristide

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Josy says...

President Joseph Michel Martelly will be reelected, and will serve two five years terms.

I do not believe a second term is a motivation for a president to do good, and they can steal enough in five years to last them to the next three generations.

Preval has been there for two terms, and did not accomplish one thing.

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Ray Wahl says...

The question is moot at this time because Haiti has had a crooked election.

Since the Americans, Canadians and the French have not allowed Lavalas to participate and since the US along with the elite rich in Haiti actually govern, whatever happens is a farce.

Haiti does not have a real democracy due to foreign rule. The issue of 1 or 2 terms is irrelevant at the moment.

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Sergo Jean says...

Mwen pa cre couri vote loi epi amande des articles san consantman pep la e group ayisyen cap viv a l'etranje yo se solusyon an .Mwen cre si palmante yo vle fe yon bagay ki just yo doue amande atic yo epi propoze atic sa yo bay pep epi ayisyen cap viv a l'etranje yo pou vote l .Constitution an pa permet ocun prezidan ou senate, depute pou amande l .Nou ayisyen selman fe yon consta ke gen kek atic ki pa bon ladan men nou paka ap couri pou vote ou bien chanje atic pou intere neg ki sou pouvoi actuyelman, Constitution an doue amande o profi de tout ayisyen ke li ayiti ou a l'etranje e li doue jwen vot de chac gren ayisyen e non palmante yo e palmante selman ka fe yon propozisyon d'amandman e mande prezidan la republic d'Haiti pou convoke pep la pou vote atic sa yo younn pa younn.

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