Haiti - President Jovenel Moise convokes Extraordinary General Assembly Monday 23 October

All the Haitian deputes currently on vacation have been convoked to an Extraordinary General Assembly by president Jovenel Moise to decide on the choice for members of the Permanent Electoral Council, among other things.

Depute 50eme Legislature Garcia Delva, Francisque Delacruz
Depute 50eme Legislature Garcia Delva, Francisque Delacruz

During this general assembly scheduled for Monday 23 October, 2017, parliament is supposed to rule on their choice of 3 of the 9 members who are suppose to make up the new permanent electoral council (CEP) in Haiti as prescribed by the Haitian constitution.

Parliament is also scheduled to ratify certain treaties between Haiti and the United States and other government.

Among other things in the schedule is the the new proposition to modify article 149 of the 29 September 2005 decree related to income tax (impôt sur le revenu) in order to adjust the minimum tax bracket from 60,000 Haitian gourdes (HTG) to 120,000(HTG). In other words people make over 120,000(HTG) instead of 60,000(HTG) would have to pay income tax.

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David Grant says...

How many Haitians in makes that kind of money annually.

It is imperative that the government collects taxes;otherwise, the they will not be able to meet the requirement of the country however,, in my view, they should (VAT) value added tax to supplement their collection, In this case, everyone will be paying taxes, small it may

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Haiti News says...

Tous les Deputés actuellement en vacances ont été convoqués à une Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire par le président Haitien Jovenel Moise pour décider entre autres du choix des membres du Conseil Electoral Permanent.

La modification de l'article 149 du décret du 29 septembre 2005 relatif à l'impôt sur le revenu est également à l'ordre du jour afin d'ajuster la fourchette d'imposition minimum de 60 000 gourdes à 120 000

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