Haiti - Politics : Evans Paul says This is a Government of Friends

When it comes to the new government of Haiti after the El Rancho political accord, KID leader Evans Paul (Kaplim) calls it "un gouvernement d'amis" (a government of friends) as opposed to a "gouvernment d'ouverture" propsed in the accord...

Evans PAUL (Kaplim)

I guess the accord did not define in full details what "ouverture" was supposed to mean... LOL...

Evans Paul says...

Evans Paul, reacting minutes after the publication of the Haiti government's list says...

"I had hoped that the redesign is much more reassuring figures can justify the word government opening part of the agreement. But I feel that this is a government of friends."

According to Le Nouvelliste, Evens Paul says KID, his political party was never interested in being part of the government. (Do you believe that?) "We had said before the negotiations, but that does not mean we do not respect the other parties who have expressed their willingness to join the "gouvernement d'ouverture"

What do you think about this?

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Soraya Vilbon says...

Toutes mes excuses on l a (resie) se nan liste malatchong nan ki te gen nom Mme Durce.

oh Kplim gen reson fache li pa jwenn ti pati pal

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Soraya Vilbon says...

I think the haitian potilitians are just bloffeurs.

Maggy Durce one of the new minister is KPlim long time friend so why he s still complaining about now he got his part of the cake?

tout moune

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