Haitian police cars are being used for personal reasons in Haiti, journalist said

One of the topics being discussed on Haitian radio these days is the fact that Haitian police officers are using police vehicles for personal reasons.

Haitian Police Car
Haitian Police Car

"As a Haitian citizen, it frustrates me when I see someone fetching water on a police vehicle (neg k ap bwote dlo ak machin lapolis) to bring to his home," Haitian journalist Guerrier Henry said on his radio show Boukante Lapawol.

Claudy Gassant, a former commissaire du gouvernement in Haiti, who was a guest on the radio program said: "In Haiti, we have all the rules in place but those rules are not followed. We see how citizens of other countries behave by we refuse to do what they do."

"The police commissioner is responsible for all the police vehicles and the police officers driving them in his jurisdiction. So how does a police car end up being used for personal reasons," he asked.

Claudy Gassant compares the 'desordre' in Haiti to police cruisers in the United States where the police officer, before taking a police car out to patrol the streets, has to sign it out of the precinct and log the mileage do a full body inspection of the vehicle, and login how much gas is in that vehicle.

"En Haiti pa gen pagan konsa. Yon machin police nenpot ki moun ka pran l" (In Haiti there is no such thing. a police car, anybody can drive it), Claudy Gassant said. "Even family members of a police officer can drive a police car in Haiti.

Hmmm... Se gro koze

What do you think about that?

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Findson says...

Si dlo tap koule nan tout kay, èske tap gen nesesite pou yon polisye ap bwote dlo?

M ta renmen moun ki pa dakò ak polisye yo kap bwote dlo nan machin la police yo di m kiyès nan yo ki tap nan plas polisye yo ki tap mete machin police la kanpe epi bwote dlo a sou tèt

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Etzer says...

Enben sa a pi mal si policier ki gen machinn nan poul pa ka pran ti dlo pou fanmi l enben sal ye la?

Bagay pou yo pale à yo pa janm pale

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Jhemson says...

Ah m pa wè pwoblem lan neg la ap travay nan yon institisyon ki pa menm peye pou l pa ka jwen sevis pran yon ti dlo pou fanmi l?

Bann méchant sa pou nou pale a nou pa janm pale l.

policier peye tax chak mwa e se kob sa yo ki bay machin yo.

Mwen pa wè pwoblem

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Phillip Manning says...

well, I be damn if they would get away with it for long here in the U.S. Somebody would report, tell, on their Ass! Y'all don"t look out for your on people...

That is about all I'm saying on the matter right now! Mister Phillip Andrew Manning...

U.S. citizen...

Over ..

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Geo4u says...

Anything is ok and possible in Haiti.

Becauae the man that represents and to protect his citizens is also guilty of many crimes.

How this can be

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Etienne says...

Bon se komisè police yo k'ap bwote dlo yo.

Men, mezi otorite isi k'ap itilize machin leta pou bwote ti fanm yo, al chèche menaj isi. Yo gen 15 menaj sou do

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Ayisyen Sou Rezo Sosyo says...

Le problème est beaucoup plus profond.

Si l'état te bay moun dlo lakay yo eske brote dlo tap fè pati kourikouloum policiers yo?

Ann serye pou yon fwa.

Mèt Claudy Gassant pi byen plase pase m poul konprann problematik saa. Mwen pa kwè si yo te gen dlo ou byen mwayen yo tap fèl. Pitié pour nos policiers et policières. Yo pase trop déjà nan lari

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Men Nouvel...

Anpil policiers en Haiti ap itilize machine la police à des fins personnels.

Machine la police tonbe nan bwote dlo, se sa yon jounalis fè konnen.

Mèt Claudy Gassant di se fòt kommisè police yo ki pa fè travay

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