Haiti - Evans Paul : 5 Reasons Why I endorsed JOVENEL MOISE?

Haiti Elections Update - Former Prime Minister Evans Paul explains in details why he chose Jovenel Moise for president over the rest in a Facebook message. Read what Evans Paul said...

PHOTO: Haiti - Evans Paul Endorses Jovenel Moise for President

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Evans Paul - August 28 2016 - Why I endorsed JOVENEL MOISE?

At the invitation of presidential candidate JOVENEL MOISE, to participate in the opening of his election campaign. It was in an atmosphere of popular fervor that I was about to speak, early evening this Friday, August 26, 2016 in Leogane.

Given the huge crowd cheering, attentive, because in search of better life. I needed an act of political generosity. Thus, in a spirit of humility and solidarity, I decided to endorse JOVENEL MOISE as President of our beloved Haiti, for FOLLOWING REASONS:

1. Because he is naturally an authentic representative of the people, good intentions for the country.

2. Because consciously, wrongly contested the last elections (polls show it), he suffered a serious political injustice, a concocted plan in violation of the democratic right of the people to freely choose their leaders, whatever their origins.

3. Because currently he is about to be stigmatized because of its modest peasant descent.

4. Because substanciellement, humble JOVENEL MOISE is willing to provide rational solutions to the structural problems of the country, from organizing GENERAL STATES OF THE NATION, in order to establish the necessary consensus standards, to the implementation of the LIVING TOGETHER policy that is very dear to me.

5. Because basically JOVENEL MOISE is now in the eyes of the majority of Haitians, reliable and viable alternative, able to bring the country out of the political impasse in which it is located. It is also and above all the reasonable way to defeat, the macabre plan undemocratic, anti-people and anti-national who, at the instigation of an interim president without warrant, so without quality seems maliciously dangled elections, forging the chaos, to stay in power arbitrarily, as long as possible.

These five (5) reasons consistent with the #5 characterizes JOVENEL MOISE, presidential candidate under the banner of PHTK in the next election, set for 9 October 2016.

By confirming my association with this potential candidate, it is a message that I send to my supporters and sympathizers to ask you to follow me, and any opportunity to launch the valiant people of the nation these guidelines: MVVJ (Mobilize Veye Vote JOVENEL)


patriotically; PAUL EVANS, ex-PMKP

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