Haiti - Moise Jn Charles announced the country will be locked once again Thursday

Haitian opposition leader Moise Jn Charles has announced that they will once again restart the protests in the streets putting Haiti on lockdown in another attempt to force president Jovenel Moise to resign.

Moise Jean Charles vs Jovenel Moise
Moise Jean Charles vs Jovenel Moise

After a failed attempt that lasted more than 7 days, starting Febrary 7th, where the country was so locked up that citizens were unable to even go out for basic necessities like food and water the opposition plans to do it all over again.

This radical opposition only wants one thing: For the president to step down so that... I don't know what else will happen next.

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David Grant says...

Apparently, the people are feddddddd up with his shenanigan.

Probably, the people are beginning to see through to glean to his idiotic tactics and that his sole purpose to organize is not for the betterment of the country but for his self propulsion at the helm of the presidential seat.
Sorry Mr. Big shot. wait for your

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Yanick says...

Everyone that wants to be a president has never taken the challenge of reading the history of Haiti on economics and trade to understand that changes in the laws need to happen.

All these men that think they the country, they

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Fred says...

I wish there was a law that can put that guy what he wishes for the country.

Because he's

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