Haiti Election Results - Today Is The Day!

Today is the day... Vote tabulation is over in Haiti. All the results have been handed down to the Haiti Electoral Council (CEP). Now Haitians in Haiti and around the world are waiting for the results.

The preliminary vote results for the November 28 set to be released today.

A radio station mentioned minutes ago that employees at Haiti's vote tabulation center worked overnight to make sure all the votes are counted.

The radio station mentioned that suspicious ballots were set aside for elimination and any 'proces verbal' that did not have the proper signatures were also set aside.

So now we wait...

If a candidate comes away with more than 50 percent of the vote, he or she will be president. otherwise, the top two candidates will go to the second round of the elections scheduled for January 16, 2010.

Will Haiti have a president later today?

Will there be a second round?

Who will be the two runner-ups?

What will the 'groupe de 12' do once the results are announced?

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Boyer Ogenor says...

ayiti pap peri nou se yon

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Boyer Ogenor says...

ayiti pap peri nou se yon

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Ronald Altieri says...

Whoever wins this election should ask all the other candidates to come to his or her inauguration, and they all should hold hands in remembering the silent lesson of Toussaint and Dessalines: "It is not what others do to us that will divide us, but what we do to each other." Furthermore, a hand should be extended to all in exile, including Jean-Claude Duvalier, Jean-Bertrand Aristide to come back home and help to polish 'La Perle Des Antilles'.

They should all shake hearts and not just hands as they kneel to ask our acestors for forgiveness for our lack of conscience, and pray for guidance.

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