FLASH!!! Jean Claude Duvalier Is In The Hospital

BREAKING NEWS - Former Haitian president Jean Claude Duvalier is hospitalized in Haiti.

Duvalier's lawyer Renaud Georges told Reuters....

"He has several problems. He had a terrible stomach ache, he felt a pain in his thorax. He has been like that for several days."

Duvalier remains in the hospital...

Stay tuned, we will keep you informed.

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Marie Michelle says...

He is One of the biggest criminal.

He need to give all the money back he stole from the country.

Not a Candidate for

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Marie Michelle says...

Tell it sister?

Duvalier is the biggest thieves.

He stole all the country

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Miejo says...

tout a fait with you, let us be concern about young boys and girls, women and men, old ages persons,
Education, savoir faire, should be our concern, let aristide, and jean claude rest in peace, they are seek. ther is a time for each thing.

we need food, water, sanitation, transportation,health care, we need everything, do you ever thing about people who losted their factories because zinglendo took over their place, let see how we must help president Martelly, educate the people about savoir vivre.

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Christo says...

any way i hope jean ceaude get well soon cuz i know lot of people remember him i was 17 when he left haiti but after him no one better then jean c after all the thing too 1991 too 2011 they is no change in haiti spercialy when aristide was president they say they love haiti i think they hate haiti cuz they burn tire evryday burning haiti up stealing killing kidnaping droguing since 1991 stil today thing never change all the thing hapen i think he was the

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Jean .s says...

His doing fine, out the hospital .relax at home >this monter need to go back to the

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Lisentibon says...

Saristid al souse pouli ak lap refe right

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Lisentibon says...

si aristid al souse pouli lap refe tout

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Richelle says...

Henri claude sant fleur.Are u replacing Guirlaine saint fleur, here in this blog.How she doing?.Whenever you go see her at the hospital, tell her that Richelle say hi ok.L O L.Make sure when your time come, for you to go for evaluation with your psycho-analyst.Have enother psycho from your family ready to take over. So far I like reading your post, you make me laugh the way I used to laugh before guirlaine went for her evaluation.But for you Don't worry you next to go, wish u

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Hi Hope You Feel Better May God Protect You Give You Long Life says...

I hope he feels better.

May god bless him.Why did they let Aristide come back to Haiti?

because he is a monster, be careful with that

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Kathleen says...

hope he feels

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