FLASH: Haiti - Shots Fired at Mirlande Manigat's Office

Breaking News - Haiti - We have just been informed that the RDNP office of Madame Mirlande Manigat has been shot at by unknown individuals... Madame Manigat is a candidate for Prime Minister in Haiti for the transition period...

KREYOL: Haiti - YO Tire sou Biwo Mirlande MANIGAT jounen Samedi 20 Fevrier 2016 la... Kisa ou panse de sa???

According to a tweet from Miami Herald journalist Jacqueline Charles, there are no injuries reported and the shooters fled the scene...

Coincidence or Politics?

What do you think about that?

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Genevieve says...

I do not believe anyone attack you, if there was a soothing as you claim, you knew what you did its all about campaign this is not the way you put haitian people in a very bad frame, your a scam shame on you if I want to come for you I guaranty you I will find

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Diobolobossou says...


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Patrick Derilus says...

Mwen Pa. Pense, c. On. Bonne idee., jealousy.

Ap. Kontinier, fok li prete attentyon.

Met korp. Veille

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Samba Karakol says...

Manman pa gad deye, gade devan, devan devan net ou de seul espwa nou pa okupe ti lavalas sal yo ki vle barew la rout, kap cheche bonne grace parlemanter yo pou yo mete fritz jean 1er minis, fonse manman, fonse.

Depi 1988 m avek les manigat ou pa bezwen konnenm, mwen kwe nan rou, seul bagay pa devye rout mariw trase pou peyi a menm si enperialiste lan ap konvwatrw, fe koken ave

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Guy Laguerre says...

A fe Haiti sa se gros tete chage, just ki bord sa ap rive. se seulement bon Dieu ki va di yon mo pour Haïti.neg force noir ap Fe bon tan Haïti ki te yo peuple haïtien ap pran note kite

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Hen says...

This is just plain stupid.what is the purpose?

please don't try to full neither kill

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