FLASH... Haiti Elections - Laurent LAMOTHE Sanble l-ap KANDIDA

Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe Tries on Google Glass
Haiti Elections Update - "Laurent Lamothe sanble l-ap KANDIDA," Se sa ki fèk repete sou antenne Radio Zenith FM... "Dapre information li (Lamothe) fè pyès li deja, men gen yon gro batay nan nivo Cour des Comptes... Y-ap fè presyon anpil sou Cour des Comptes pou PA ba li certificat de decharge la..."

Men Zin...

ENGLISH: Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe may run for office in the upcoming Presidential elections, Radio Zenith reports... All his documents are ready but the court of auditors are being pressured to NOT issue him a clearance certificate, they say... What do you think about that?

Mesye Radio Zenith yo pale kòm kwa se ekip Martelly a menm ki pa vle Laurent Lamothe jwen decharge... Ou kwè sa???

Kisa ou panse de sa?

Kite yon mesaj

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Wilford bien sure il sera candida. je lui donnerai my vote only him car c'est un home propre
Reply · May 20 at 10:23 AM
Ti Scorpion After Martelly, Lamothe is the only viable individual qualified and knowledgeable enough to be at the helm. However, I would not be surprised to see... see more
Reply · May 16 at 8:01 PM
Georgia Porgi lamothe it's the best choice. he's the best we ever have
Reply · May 16 at 3:07 AM
Popo yes he'll a great president,am follow hem and voting for hem!!!
Reply · May 15 at 10:38 PM
Regina I am dying for this guy, he knows his job, he looks like a president. pls.pls I love you future President Lamothe. pls help Haiti you are the only... see more
Reply · May 15 at 7:38 PM
Myolle Denerville eh bien si li fait tout affaire propre, lap join decharge la, cependant fok nou pa kiter passion avec fanatisme poter nou aler. bagay yo suposer fet... see more
Reply · May 15 at 6:29 PM
Patrick Princivil Mwen-menm sé Lamothe map tan paské dabò dépi Lamothe fin alé bagay mwen té kon wè, anpil dévlopman ki tap... see more
Reply · May 15 at 6:21 PM
Jean Louis Ce serait le seul candidat serieux, a Mon avid.
Reply · May 15 at 5:32 PM
Genevieve Good news,I Hope that he makes it through,I love this man,go for it.President Matelly's move on and here comes Lamothe.
Reply · May 15 at 3:39 PM
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Subject: FLASH... Haiti Elections - Laurent LAMOTHE Sanble l-ap KANDIDA edit

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