Five former presidential candidates endorse Michel Martelly

Candidate Michel Martelly is now backed by five of the former Haiti presidential candidates who were defeated in round one.

In a joint statement, defeated candidates Josette Bijou, Wilson Jeudy, Genard Joseph, Chavanne Jeune and Eric Smarki Charles praised Michel Martelly for the "spirit of openness" he had shown in his campaign, BBC news reports.

The five candidates said Michel Martelly is the candidate most likely to promote democracy and development in Haiti.


What is your opinion about this endorsement, especially from former rivals?

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Medge says...

Martelly is the best choice for preaident in Haiti today.

He represents something new and fresh.

A president who actually cares for the absolute well being of his country and his people.

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Josy says...

Mr. Martelly is very focused on his purpose, and has a vision for the country.

He continues full force on his journey despite all the negativity thrown at him, and is fully commited to the people.

He portrays a rare passion, and drive for a future leader.

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Patricia says...

Mr Martelly; ne crains rien, je donne des hommes a ta place, et des peuples pour ta vie.Si l'on forme des complots, cela ne viendra pas de moi;quiconque se liguera contre toi tombera sous ton pouvoir: dit

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Patricia says...

MR Martelly;ne craignez point et ne vous effrayez point devant cette multitude nombreuse, car ce ne sera pas vous qui combattrez, ce sera Dieu.Vous n'aurez point a combattre en cette affaire:craignez rien, restez en place, L'Eternel combattra pour vous et vous, gardez le

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Rene Florexil says...

Nou bezwen Michel Martelly president, just pou yon lot soley et yon lot ide pou haiti, paske li pat janm okupe okin post politik nan peyi

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Nancy says...

Vote pou Mirlande.

Yun vot pou Mirlande se yun vote pou espwa Ayiti nan 5an pou nou jwen Celestin ke OAS te met deyo. Vote pou MM Mirlande Mangigat pou nou ka gin INITE.

Se Lunion fait la force, se INITE nou bezoin.

Mirlande pren Aristide pu aidew nan edikasyon pou nou ka voye vakabon ti simone saa al jwe

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Nancy says...

5 kandida ki pa kanpe sou enyen yap cheche post kom si kk sa ka

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Vincent P Frere says...

They are starting to see the light.

Tell me just what the hell a 70 years old woman is going to do or capable of doing to rebuild a country like Haiti who needs to build a Government, infrastructure and mass education?

she needs to take off her

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Soule says...

Jodia yo reme`t yon Bib bay Martelly paske moun legliz yo rekone`t ke mouvman sa se travay granme`t la pou Ayiti.Eke pagen moun ki ka kampe-l se pou te`t sa yo mande pou tout moun ki nan Ayiti ke nan peyi tranje pou yo ka konmanse priye pou MR Martelly ak famil li e tout staf ka ede yo. Paske moun MRS Manigat yo ap fe` majik matin, midi, e le soi.Nap pral vote nap priye, nap veye

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Soule says...

Sondaj GIAP la konfime ke Michel Martelly genyen

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