Fanmi Lavalas Protest In Front of Haiti's Provisional Electoral Council (CEP)

Video Report - People came out in droves to protest the exclusion of President Jean Bertrand Aristide's populist Fanmi Lavalas party from the upcoming elections in Haiti.

There was a march in front of the building of Haiti's Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) a few days ago and Maryse Narcisse of Fanmi Lavalas spoke to the Haitian media.

Watch the video and post your comments

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Greg St-louis says...

se sakfe haiti pap janm chanje, paske yo te jwenn yon bon chans ak wyclef yo pa prannn.

get manman moun ki te wyclef paka al pou

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Emmerycenatus says...

wyclef jean should join an alliance with fanmi lavalas party so his party could gain more root it will help him achieve the presidency that he need so badly he could do it instead of running alone he could form an alliance with fanmi lavalas party.

I think he would change the political landscappe if is wise enough he already popular among the population why not take this

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Miggy says...

I endeed laughed Grant!!! I enjoyed the funny side of it...

I was playing with you on calling crazy.

By the way, I do not know you personally to have called you crazy "on a serious note.
Now, let's get serious in the next sessions soon.
Have a great day!

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David Grant says...

This is not the reaction I wanted from you, I was hoping to give you a good laugh;however, you took my comment the wrong and got so peeved.

Nevertheless, it is my sinful indulgence when I am called crazy ; perhaps I am crazy and, I enjoy your calling me so.
I try my hands at comedy and, look at what it gets me into. In comedy, such joke is acceptable withiout being classified as disrespectful.

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Miggy says...

Hey David Grant!

You are way over your head. I think you are crazy and somehow funny at the same time.
I believe that you're just having a great time with yourself.

Everything about Wyclef is serious business brother.

Please let's get serious and respectful ok.

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David Grant says...

En raison de sa popularite, Je suis persuade que Mr. Weclef Jean va gagner l'election presidentiel sans l'aide de quiconque.

En effet, que fera t'il apres qu'il devient president: fera t'il l'assignation des membres son "Refugee Camp" de venir en Haiti pour former son cabinet ministeriel.

Probablement, son governement devra batir des etapes dans chaque coin du pays pour faciliter ces artits Hip-Hop de chanter leurs chansons du ghetto, replet de profanates, pour le peuple haitien.

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Miggy says...

Excuse me...

Wyclef can stand strong and be his own man alone; not that the Lavalas family is a bad

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Winy Saget says...

Why Aristide was president; he didn't give build at least seven millions mansions for the poor like he has one. We will understand if Aristide was President life will be different.

I always say Haiti is not ready for democracy because the military and the haitian people don't respect the law. As haitian I hope one day "haitian get to the street as one "black, white or mulatto "electricity 24/7 clean water, job, security, no filty streets, free education and healthcare, no more child slave and corruption, international investment, new thechnology for the farmer, result the housing problem.

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David Grant says...

My assumtion of the unfairness of excluding the Fanmi Lavalas in the presidential election had nothing to with Mr. Bertrand Aristide per se. Surely, Aristide does not constitute the party in itself; I am convinced that there are other qualified members in the party caspable of stepping forward and take up the mantle.

I am not sure those folks who staged the protest had wasted their time;it is their right to excercice their franchise.

Nevertheless, it would be a wise move in the interim to draft Mr. Wyclef Jean in the fanmi Lavalas party; this would ensure a convincing victory for him.

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Miggy says...

Although that I liked Aristide.

He is out of the country.

The process of bringing him back to Haiti in order to participate, would be taking a long time. Haiti does not have the leverage to this at the moment.

I think those folks have wasted their time on coming out.
We are starting from scratch and should focus on that. Let us move forward.


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