Depute Arnel Belizaire Released From Prison

Haitian lawmaker Arnel Belizaire was released from prison after being arrested by police and driven to the National Penitentiary.

It was an overnight detention, the Associated Press says.

AP also report...

"Following his release, Dep. Arnel Belizaire went to parliament as several dozen supporters gathered outside the building to greet him with hugs and cheers"

I wonder what this means... The next sentence, I mean...

AP says: "The head of the United Nations mission in Haiti and the French Embassy on Friday responded to Belizaire's detention by issuing statements. France urged the government and legislature to bear in mind "procedures" involving the separation of powers and parliamentary immunity."

What is your take on it?

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Nixon Dauphine says...

What's the problem here?

a convict manage to become a depute in Haiti, oh that's the problem, well the used to come down from the province sword in hands to take there position in the parlement.

Martelly has to play hard ball with then convicts and make example out of them. Now you want to talk about politic?

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Baby Grpre says...

Please Haiti wake up !don t lets us lead by those criminal acts of our policians, they have nothing to support the populations against stavations they create conflict betwenn them, because they know haitian population doesn t have any opportinuity to understand, but what they must do is ceate job to reduce the proverty, they must have projections for future, they must built road, provide electricity and create a new image to invite tourist, the haitian people will always loose, koz no one think for

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Sydoine Jeannite says...

Shame on us. We should never have to be reminded by outsiders on the separation between the government and legislature and the immunity enjoyed by the deputies and government officials.

The Critical Thinking Skills and knowledge of governement policies as well as the constitution come into questions.

Where is Dr. Mirlande Manigat who is very knowledgeable on the Haitian Constitution?

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