Clash Between Baker and Celestin Supporters Near Jeremie Haiti left 2 People Dead

Clashes occurred earlier this week, Monday, between supporters of presidential candidate Charles Henry Baker and those of the INITE candidate Jude Celestin. The confrontations left two people dead and several wounded.

A Haiti radio station website reported that Jude Celestin's campaign convoy was attacked with stones and broken bottles by supporters of Charles Henry Baker who organized a political rally in the town of Beaumont.

Reports say that Jude Celestin's security team opened fire to disperse the crowd and top people died from gunshot wounds.

Charlito Baker's campaign blames the police for not intervening to restore order. the police station was close by they say.

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Rev. Dr. Dumaine says...

My brothers and sisters dont get yourself in this situation to get killed for the sake of future president.

Knowing the truth will set you free by staying in school, get a job, and taking care of your family.

Dont fight please nor hurt my brothers and sisters.

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Haiti Pap Mouri says...

remember inite have all the guns they start killing people first im tired of those dogs lying to the press antouka yo kaka yo pap

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Lesly Metayer Rivelt says...

If the presidency position was an unpaid one there will be no campaign and there will be no clash too. It is time for Haiti to stop those elections to save money.

Haiti needs an effective Executive Manager as Prime Minister to lead it. We need to stop organizing presidential elections to end those fruitless campaigns.

Raise the bar as Anonymous stated it the other day. Bring tough requirements on board with Executive MBA and Administrative experiences to select 3 front runners for the Prime Minister job and the end of those fruitless campaigns.

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Harold Fleurine says...

The celestin campagne is to be blamed for the attacked because paying gang to desrupted the other campagne in other to win the Elections...CELESTIN TO

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Frantz Barthelemy says...

once again its the people that are dying while politicians fight for power,,haiti does not need politics in order to get better,,we need unity among the the people,,all 27 000 square km should be

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Black says...

how celestin going to be a president, while is supporting gang menbers in haiti.him a preval shoud be in prison for criminal

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Dr Antonio M Pinchinat says...

poor thinking about solving problems among interested

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Ericka says...

yo poko menm gen pouvwa, dega komanse.

se le you monte menm?

anyways, isnt charles henry baker a white man?

how he get to be running for president, while wyclef

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Lena says...

if is truth is a shame for us because i leave in the bahamas and i never see that happend like our country haiti i feel sorry for my haitian family friend and every one living

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Subject: Clash Between Baker and Celestin Supporters Near Jeremie Haiti left 2 People Dead edit

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