Bad Morning, It's a Black Wednesday In Haiti!

Haiti did not sleep last night! Since the election results were announced last night, Haiti woke up in the dark, in the middle of the night, and Haiti has been in a state of panic ever since.

There where tires burning minutes after the election results and throughout the night in Port-au-Prince and other areas.

Now that it's daylight, no one knows what's going to happen. No one knows who or what is going to stop the angry mobs in Haiti.

All we know is that it is going to be a BLACK Wednesday in Haiti today.

Anpil bagay di ye swa, anpil nouvel ap devlote

Rete Branche... I will do my best to keep you informed...

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Mena Moreau says...

This is exactly what Prevel wanted: if he can't get to the foreign aid money, well, neither are the Haitian

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Maguy says...

un president avec 17 enfantts, le pauple aura les miettes, car il fera passer sa famille avant

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Marie Janty says...

Pardon me, I thought it was Mr. Preval, the president of the Republic of Haiti who has rigged the elections.

What is that got to do with the

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Frantz Barthelemy says...

its been a black day ever since we came into contact with the europeans no doubt threr has been some good but mostly bad and really bad,,, we need to stop looking for their approval,,we need to know that we are a people before and after meeting with them,,this system of government is not for us,,the enemy of the people are those in the government because they believe that we exist only if the europeans recognize us,,so they will always seek to do things the european

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Ericka says...

tnx for keeping me mosted on wats happening in haiti

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Val says...

Preval, Manigat and Celestin tactics have just cost Haiti the Aid

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Sergo Jean says...

Mwen ap di ou youn bagay ke mwen te di deja.vole elecsyon bay Jude poul ca marie a pitit preval pral debouche sou criz. li te rive avec preval avansou pouvoi / Alexis nan premie manda lia.kite vin bawou group 184 epi yon lot group ki nome prezidan pa yo nan opozisyon an .ki vin bawou Aristide nan dificulte pou dirije Haiti com prezidan.Neg sa yo pa janm apran de problem yo te gen avan, sof yal regroupe sou lot nom pati politic pou vin bawou menm rezulta .Nan ki pati Preval, Paul Denis te ye OPL.menm pati sa kite craze FNCD. ki prodwi FANMI LAVALAS ki baw Aristide lider ki creye Yvon Neptune epi Jacques Edward Alexis avec ESPOIR ki baw UNITE ki egal a desas pou Haiti.

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Claudette Surpris says...

Mirlande Manigat a oublie ce qui s'est passe a son marie pour sa lachete.

3 mois de presidence pour son accord avec les puchistes.

Elle a ete egelement lache pour ne pas demander l'annulation des elections apres avoir constate toutes ces fraudes.

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