AUDIO: Jean-Claude Duvalier Radio Interview, 7 Fevrier 2011

Former Haitian President Jean-Claude Duvalier gave an exclusive interview to Radio Signal FM in Haiti Yesterday, 7 Fevrier 2011. Listen to what he had to say...

Duvalier asks this bold question:

Kisa yo fe avek pouvwa sa-a?

(What have they done with this POWER???)

Duvalier basically implied that Haitian politics is no better than when he was in power.

"Did I have the ability to stay in power back in 1986... The answer is YES," Duvalier said, " I was the supreme commander of the VSN (Volontaire de La Securite Nationale) and the Haitian army... If I was the brutal dictator the everyone thought, I could have easily stayed in power by ordering the armed forces to maintain law and order... But I did no such thing..."

"Two students lost their lives," Duvalier continued, "one of them in Gonaives, the son of a brave VSN, the other in Cap-Haitien, a relative of an officer of the Guarde Presidentielle and one of my personal bodyguards... That was enough for me... so I left voluntarily..."

Duvalier also made reference to Rev. Sylvio Claude, a known anti-Duvalierist who was arrested, convicted, and released under his regime. He noted that none of the judges who ordered Sylvio Claude's release were threatened or lost their posts. Duvalier mentioned how sadden he was when he learned that Sylvio Claude was brutally murdered during Haiti's so called Democracy under LAVALAS.

Duvalier implied that there has been countless politically motivated crimes committed during the last 25 years in Haiti since his departure.


What is your opinion about everything that was said... AND NOT... in his radio interview to Signal FM?

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Jeff Lemoine says...

Onè, ki kote m kapab jwenn tout entèvyou?


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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Neg Maron, i did not have the chance to hear it all the last time.
I just finish listen to it.Well done to bring it up for us to

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Neg Maron says...

You have touched my soul, Yaminah.

Thank you! Let us keep our minds tuned to the wonderful vibes that plays harmoniously to our hearts; by which we can see with insight, and not only sight.

It would be very interesting to read the translation.

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Yaminah says...

Well said. I will translate it English and share it with

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Ti Pouchon says...

The haitian people have seen more crimimal activities committed against political leaders under Aristide's government than any others.

I know for fact that Aristide's brutal special force corp committed more crimes.

He ought to be prosecuted for all those crimes.

Like a french philosopher would say Hell is on earth.

He will pay for all those

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Rooster says...

It means he left so fast that he left his cig

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Daniel Fignole Ghost says...

The headline was designed to trick people to watch this stupid video.

This interview was designed by those subservient so called Haitian journalists to make this monster look good.
It is a propaganda machine orchestrated by Duvalier and his thugs to make himself look good. It is a form of damage control for Jean Claude and his thugs.

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El Kakato says...

M'sieu fou!
what about the 511 millions plus that he and his associates stole?

511 millions in the 1980s.

there was still alot of poverty, it was still among the poorest of the americas.

regardless if Haiti is worst now than it was in the 1980s he should be prosecuted.

if he was not the one that ordered the murders, rapes, emprisonment he needs to drop

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Nonsmoker says...

I do not smoke therefore i could not tell you what it means to have a cigarette burning on both ends. But what i can tell you is this, if i were you i would not be too concerned about that cigarette because it burned out a long time

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Saito J.f says...

Thanks a lot for your statement and im Preety much satisfied that you has been informed the youth generation just like me who was Mr J.C.D. what he was done in the past and how beautiful was our homeland Haiti cherie, i appriciated...

But you didnt get to the point, so bassicaly guys i mma ask u the same question again( yo di ke J.C.D te di li pati kite yon sigaret limen nan 2 pwent) did he said that for real?

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