Yesterday's Anti-Preval Protest Downplayed By The Haitian Media

Yesterday's Protest was a JOKE - After listening carefully to Haitian radio yesterday evening, it seems the anti-Preval / Anti-MINUSTAH protest in Haiti was more like a "Marche Pacifique." There were more reporters in the streets than there were protesters, one reporter said.

Anti Preval Riots In Haiti Tires Burning 7 Fevrier 2011

Sak ap pase la-a... Samble pep la pa vle manifeste anko! LOL...

There were a lot of TALK prior to 7 Fevrier about a massive protest to be launched in Haiti to get President Rene Preval to leave office but unfortunately, it was ALL TALK and NO ACTION.

To put it in simple terms... The OPPOSITION could now successfully get the Haitian people to take to the streets in massive numbers.

If you look at some of the pictures that were available online, you can probably count how many people were in the streets.

AND... There were no real opposition leader in sight, the reporters are saying.

What are the people are saying on the radio?

Generally... Most of the people who called the radio stations to comment said that the people voted Michel Martelly and Mirlande Manigat for the second round and they got what they want...

...The people do not want a provisional government...

On man said: "Duvalier retounen... pa gen 7 Fevrier anko!"

So what's the verdict?

Preval is staying in power for a few more months to assume a peaceful transition of power and PEP LA dakor, it seems.

What doest that say about the Haitian people?

Reply with your comments.

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Henri-claude Saint-fleur says...

La Madeleine (France), 12

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Tijas says...

1)Pep la pa kwe nan okenn lide ki sou teren an konnye-a. 2)Gouvenman tranzisyon BONIFAS-LATORTUE a rete yon kochma pou pep ayisyen.

3) Majorite ayisyen pa gen santimam patriotik anko. Yo pret pou sede peyi- a bay etranje, pouvi ke yo ba yo kek ti sache diri oubyen pou yon viza. Se sa ki pi gran danje pou egzistans peyi-a.

Danje ki menase peyi-a se ke pa gen anyen nan konstitisyon an ki respekte, pandan ke nap pale de demokrasi.

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Miejo says...


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Thomas says...

sa vle di pep la konnin sa'l

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Youngcater says...

preval se clerin ou kon bwe se al bwe klerin, paske gouvene ak bwe klerin se de bagay

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Jean Pierre Alexandre says...

Radio FM is one of

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Martine Civil says...

it prove that the haitians people begin to understand more about politic rather than a riots

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Loumie says...

Pep Ayisyen pa gen tet ansanm si yo te gen tet ansanm preval pa tap nan figi moun

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Sergo Jean says...

Sa mwen panse pep la fini pa conpran jouet la .conbien gouverneman provizoi Haiti connen yon bann, ki resulta li bay anyen sof ke li bay yon prezidan ki pa janm gen pati politic sof aliance politic ou bien group politic cap pote desastre politic.

Si prezidan Preval pat acepte dil OEA, Haiti tap gen mounn nan la ru, men li acepte Opozisyon an pedu paske li abitue perdu, rezon yo pa connen fe politic epi yo renmen couri pale san infomasyon.Pep ayisyen acepte rezulta election bien ke li gen frod, sac pase counie a neg ki di yo gen pati politic yo vin an pann mounn paske Jean Claude Duvalier tounen pep la retounen nan baz li pou al fe politic et counie a wap we leta gen pou obligasyon mennen Aristide tounen pou ka vinn gen yon vre Opozisyon an Haiti an face Duvalier.

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J Wag says...

This means that we are maturing from our old ways and are moving to a bigger and brighter future.

There is no need to force a Predsident out now. He was voted in twice so obviously some people wanted him in. He need to finish out his term and then have a transition with the new President like a civil country should do. We can hate this and hate that but we must be accountable for what we do and what we say. So if you voted him in then ride it out and vote him out and when his term is up its up. So next time you get a chance to vote or select you will do so, either for President, Mayor, City or town councel representative, School Board what ever it is let your Vote or Voice be heard.

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