AUDIO: Guy Phillipe says he is going to appeal his case, hearing is scheduled for July 31st

Listen to this audio, Former Haitian rebel leader turned Senator Guy Phillipe who is in prison in the United States on money laundering charges says he received the OK to apeal his case before a judge on July 31 2018.

When asked if he has a chance to win this case so he can be released from prison, Guy Phillipe says: "I don't just have a chance to win, I WILL win and they will send be home immediately."

Often times, Guy Phillipe says, Haitians are afraid to appeal their case in the United States out of fear that more years will be added to their sentence. "They always tell you: If you talk we will give you 20 years, we'll give you 30 years. They scare you and most people are afraid to claim that can claim."

Me, I am not afraid of them, Guy Phillipe said, They brought me here illegally, it is because they have no respect for Haiti, the Haitian people or the Senate of the Republic."

What do you think about that? Kisa w panse?

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Sorin says...

Mouvement Politique SORIN Emmanuel

République D'HAITI Solidaire

La création de cette équipe M R.H.S. répond à une volonté de proximité et d'authenticité des actions de l'organisation militante de la République d'Haïti Solidaire et tout particulièrement dans le cadre des rendez-vous nationaux pour le développement et de la reconstruction D'Haïti. et la défense des valeurs comme le patriotisme, le civisme et la paix. Il s'agit de la Jeunesse Engagée pour la Patrie/Mouvement pour le patriotisme, le civisme et la paix (JEP/M, P,CP).

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Subject: AUDIO: Guy Phillipe says he is going to appeal his case, hearing is scheduled for July 31st edit

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