Aristide is Coming To Haiti... In the coming Days his lawyer says

BREAKING NEWS - Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide will be returning soon to Haiti. His lawyer broke the news today, Wednesday, 9 Feb 2011.

Aristide's Lawyer, Ira Kurzban, told Agence France-Presse (AFP):

"He [Aristide] is going to try to return as soon as he can. It will happen very soon... He's in South Africa. I got his passport... That's my hope [that he return in the coming days]"

Are there any Government Obstacles preventing Aristide from returning to Haiti?

According to Mail & Guardian Online, Haitian Interior Minister Paul Antoine Bien-Aime said on Tuesday...

"Administratively on the Haitian side, there is no obstacle to the return of president Aristide"

FOOD FOR THOUGHT - Let's think about something for a minute!

The Haitian people (PEL PA) think Aristide is like "MOISE" from the bible

They keep saying things would be so much better "Si Aristide te la"

What happens "si Aristide retounen" epi "Lame wouj pa louvri"???

What happens if Aristide make them believe that he can perform miracles IF...

Bon... The former president says he wants to come home to live as a regular citizen...

Can he be a regular citizen?

Will he be a regular citizen?

Will his followers allow him to be a regular citizen?

Am I making sense to you?

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Rodney Mansur says...

Mwen kontan mesaj solidarite ou vle

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Josline Pyrrhus says...

Aristide is haitian citizen.

He has all his right to go back to his country like Duvalier but not rihgt now. Because I'm afraid of a civil war betwen his parties and Duvalier's.He has to wait when the country is stable.It's too much is going on in haiti rigt now.If years don'kill him I don't think days can kill

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Henri-claude Saint-fleur says...

La Madeleine (France), 12

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Bossdjake says...

dapre oumin quiyes qi pidous quipi krezi leuli toutouni
madan preval ou soi madan titid
quiyes ou panse quirele plis sou qat

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Amonnon Louis says...

Si se ezakteman yon reply ak mesaj mwen-an, sanble kamarad la pa konprann

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Ablerooster says...

It is only fair. If Duvalier can come back, then so should Aristide be able to. It is only fair. What happens next is going to be

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Rodney Mansur says...

Just read some this report.

And later come back and comment what the people that ousted Aristide did better in Haiti.

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Rodney Mansur says...

Pwoblem anpil nan nou kap

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Desalin Pap Mouri says...

While there are many pharaons outside and inside Haiti, it is normal that Aristide can be considered as Moises.

Think about it

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Gauthier Saintilus says...

Hello FN,

Mwen kontan ou di ke Aristid se yon jab en person.Min pou kisa haitians yo pa aksepte yon lot lider ki pa jab?

D'apres mwen men, se BON DIEU sel ki ka delibere payi-a. Sa vle di Haitians dwe priyer pou yon lider inspire vin delivre yo. Min se BON DIEU pou ki voye'l.!

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