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The Washington Post Ignores Coups in Article on Threats to Latin American D

According to North American Congress on Latin America,nacla-org on 22 July 2012, article by Keane Bhatt intituled: "Manufacturing Contempt"On... more »

News about the degenerates:Men who have sex with men: the Caribbean reality

According to trinidadexpress-com on 29 July 2012, For over six months more than 3,500 Caribbean men who have sex with men (MSM) confided about their... more »

Cuban Aid for Haiti Grows

According to radiohc-cu on 18 July 2012, Haiti has not recovered yet from the damages caused by the devastating earthquake in January 2010. Promised... more »

Paraguay: Coup 2.0; Paraguay: Coup 2.0

According to pd.cpim-org on 29 July 2012 No. 30 Vol. XXXVI,article by R Arun Kumar, NOAM Chomsky, in an interview to Democracy Now, comparing George... more »

Cuba Leads the World in Lowest Patient per Doctor Ratio; How do they do it?

According to socialmedicine-org on 30 July 2012, *Paraguayan 5th year student participating in primary care in Havana, Cuba. (2011, J.M. Souers) In... more »

Application allows to use maps of Haiti, offline without internet connectio

This application allows to use maps of Haiti, offline without internet connection. This application stores maps directly on the device, so you do... more »

Beyond the One Drop Rule: Haiti at the 2012 Olympics

According to voicesfromhaiti-com on 30 July 2012, One very popular news article that more »

Mississippi Baptist church refuses to marry black couple, but says any race

The land of the free, paragon of Human Rights and Civil Rights! According to goddiscussion-com on July 2012, Mississippi Baptist church refuses to... more »

Rich Latin Americans hid '$2 trillion' in tax havens

According to brecorder-com on Tuesday, 24 July 2012 article written by Abdul AhadRich, Latin Americans hid '$2 trillion' in tax havens. SAO PAULO... more »

Dominican Republic has more brothels than schools, senior prelate says

According to dominicanwatchdog-org on 23 July 2012 reprinted from DominicanToday-com - Catholic Youth Ministry coordinator Luis Rosario on Saturday... more »

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