That's not cool if they try assassinate him like Jean Leo Paul...

Jeams - December 6 2015, 9:53 PM

That's not cool if they try assassinate him like Jean Leo Paul Dominique.

Because people never like when someone talking true and try to be against those corrupted American politian who try to corrupted us to
Metellus is a great journalist leader
Why they want to kill him because he want to fight for the little people in Haiti that lives and struggling with poverty.

it time to change your mind Haitian piloting .Stop letting those
Corrupted American politician sticking
Their stinks mouths in our political problem because it is not their business.

these American politician cannot even rules their own country I don't need to tell for Haiti.

Right now
They wanna kill the journalist because of his rightness word that he said to the ambassador and listen he is right about what he said to the ambassador.

if it was me I would say the same thing to him and even said worst to him .the last thing I wanna say fuck corrupted American and duck corrupted Haitian that fallows the other corrupted strange or abroad piloting.

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