Ah hah! U.S. Lawmakers talk, who are six Senate holding...

Patrick Princivil - September 17 2014, 9:35 AM

Ah hah!

U.S. Lawmakers talk, who are six Senate holding election in Haiti?

No they have to keep going, if they keep going may U.S. Lawmaker consider them like ISIS in Middle East. Now we have a better government in Haiti we can give credit.

Now the big boss talk we don't want to hear anything from the six Senates of Haiti, they have to vote or not vote, get out and (get manman yo)

This is what I wanted to hear from US government, gouvernement lakay meet in Miami and brake the chain of Haitian's Diaspora, all I want to in Haïti now is to have a new lawmaker in Haiti is President Martelly, Lamothe, Haitian's police including all Martelly' s government, the six senators get out. (Raché manyòk nou).

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