I was in Haiti from November/2012 until July/2013; I am honest...

Patrick Princivil - August 9 2013, 5:55 PM

I was in Haiti from November/2012 until July/2013;

I am honest with you guys I don't really see a big difference in Haiti, is at the airport there is elevator, electronic's stairs, the road of the airport is paved properly and the lights energy have being change in solar panel in the road of Delmas.

The best way I think Haiti will be better if President Martelly and Lamorthe wipeout unité's party.

Lavalas's party, Jan Claudiste's party in the parliament of Haïti, wipeout mean destroy them.

I beg God in heaven to give President Martelly and Lamorthe to destroy all the senators who stand against President Martelly; destruction of all the fake judges and lawyers in Haiti, Haiti will better if President Martelly and Lamorthe find a way to protect the good Christians and destroy all port au Prince with a chemical power by air planes.

Nou tte foutre mété li pou cinq ans respecté cinq ans li a. Ban chiens,

Réné Préval caca nan pays d'Haiti for 10 years and 10 years prime minister.

because the corruption was good for them that's why they closed eyes, magouyè

God bless you

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