Drones and the new U.S. war policy

Agent-x - July 28 2012, 9:31 PM

According to english.pravda-ru on 13 February 2012article by The U.S. defense secretary, Leon Panetta, recently announced that the government of President Barack Obama will expand its global network of drones, known as Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV) capable of carrying lethal weapons.

This policy is part of plans to cut conventional forces as a consequence of the fiscal imbalance that affects the U.S. economy in recent years, he said to the daily newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

Over the next five years, the United States will reduce the number of military personnel by 92,000 and apply millions in cuts to its budget, the Pentagon chief said.

The country will have fewer soldiers, which will decrease from 562,000 currently, to 490,000, while the Marines also will decrease from 202,000 to 182,000.

The budget plan which will be released this month, includes an increase of 30 percent in the fleet of U.S. drones, according to officials quoted by the Washington Post, in an attempt perhaps to effectively compensate for troop reductions.


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