The power of Cuba's free healthcare

Agent-x - July 28 2012, 6:19 AM

According to aljazeera-com on 27 July 2012,article by Belen Fernandez, Since the revolution in 1959 Cuba has sent more than 185,000 health professionals to help foreign countries
In 1995, Nelson Mandela declared with regard to Cuban international solidarity missions to Africa over past decades:
"Cubans came to our region as doctors, teachers, soldiers, agricultural experts, but never as colonisers.

They have shared the same trenches with us in the struggle against colonialism, underdevelopment and apartheid."
The US, of course, had offered a less favourable characterisation of Cuban activities on the African continent, and accused the island nation of exporting revolution.

Evidence of diabolical Cuban meddling in the internal affairs of sovereign nations included its substantial assistance in defending newly independent Angola against a US-backed South African invasion that - according to Noam Chomsky - ultimately killed a million and a half people in Angola and Mozambique.

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